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Here at the GadgetGang we strive for top quality informational content for our readers, we work extremely hard to remove any content that doesn't meet our requirements and are very strict on what we accept, which is fantastic as it means our readers will receive the best experience on our website, that being our main priority.

If your looking to become a writer for GadgetGang then please fill out the submission form below in detail, we have many guidelines and rules that you as a writer must follow, failing to abide by these rules will most likely lead to a suspension of the account meaning you may no longer be able to write for us.


Writers must be enthusiastic about Gadgets and new technology and must keep the reader engaged, we want to read it and feel the energy the writer is giving off. When writing for GadgetGang we want our writers to enjoy being part of the team.

Lengthy & English

The minimum length of each article is 1,000 words of top quality content! We also only accept English (UK) & English (US) languages on GadgetGang.com.

Unique & Handwritten

Each article submitted must be 100% unique and handwitten, failing to do so will result in an immediate ban and you will no longer be able to write for us again.