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The world of gadgets is extraordinary, fun and a pleasure to peruse. It can also get overwhelming with so many products being released all the time. That’s why we decided to create GadgetGang back in 2014, with the idea of shedding some light on our passion and also helping others find the right products for them and their family.

Years after that, we added content about videogames too. Videogames are our passion, we cherish them and we enjoy the amazing experience they provide. They help us push the boundaries, eliminate stress, and also connect with people from all over the world in a fun way.

We believe that everyone needs to stay informed regarding the best and latest gaming and technology news. What makes GadgetGang unique is that we always cover only top of the line content that we know our audience is interested in. We have a vetted team of journalists with a lot of experience in this field, and we work very hard to bring in those incredible news features everyone wants to see.

GadgetGang publishes unique, unseen content that really sets the tone for technology journalism. On top of that, our website has thousands of daily readers, and a large community interested in top quality, easy to read tech and gaming content.

It’s important for us to release fresh information and high-quality content that you just can’t find anywhere else. Once you browse our website, you will be impressed with the very high quality and outstanding experience. Plus we are always adding news and editorial articles, so you can easily find something to browse no matter the situation. Browse our website today for extraordinary tech information and don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any ideas or recommendations on what you want to see on our website!

Meet the Team

Dan Westrop 69 Articles
Dan Westrop, founder and Executive Editor for GadgetGang. Loves getting hands-on with the latest tech and only writes true, honest, and unbiased reviews.
Ashleigh Corcoran 1 Article
Ashleigh is one of the executive editors for GadgetGang, with over 6 years of writing experience she has a lot of knowledge in the tech industry, being very tech-savvy she loves getting hands-on with the latest gadgets so you can be sure to trust her unbiased reviews
Mikey Sebastian 66 Articles
A sensei with words and all things written online, this guy brings fresh web content in a captivating, informative and (most importantly)...very interesting way. In this particular scenario, we all about technology
Alexandru Moscalu 23 Articles
Hi! I'm Alexandru. I have been a gamer since I was little. I have split my time between playing games and going to school. Recently I have been playing a little bit more casually and I enjoy watching games and keeping up with trends and news around the gaming industry!
Bilawal 12 Articles
Writer, translator, and language lover. Andrés is a passionate writer and curious by profession. Honesty and veracity are the foundation of his values. He enjoys small pleasures like playing videogames at 1 a.m. and reading classic novels.
Rizwan Anwer 140 Articles
A tech enthusiast who eagerly follows the world of Android, iOS, and apps! Always looking forward to the next big thing in the tech world.
Saad Muzaffar 9 Articles
Saad has been an avid fan of tech for as long as he can remember. Classifying himself as an Apple Sheep, he spends his entire day tinkering around with gadgets while also trying to churn out some helpful content along the way!
Muhib Nadeem 6 Articles
Muhib is a huge anime fan that loves playing and writing about video games and everything tech! As a CS student, he loves to put his skills to the test in strategical MOBAs. You will hear him talk about Apple products and food 24 hours a day!
Motuka Minda 31 Articles
Motuka is a tech enthusiast with knowledge of computers and gadgets. He also has interest in software and servers. Motuka employs his writing abilities to create valuable content to teach his readers on matters related to tech, and how to get the best out of their systems.