Muhib Nadeem

Muhib is a huge anime fan that loves playing and writing about video games and everything tech! As a CS student, he loves to put his skills to the test in strategical MOBAs. You will hear him talk about Apple products and food 24 hours a day!
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iOS 16 Won’t Install: 7 Working Fixes

Picture this; the latest iOS 16 update has just dropped on your…

Muhib Nadeem Muhib Nadeem

Why Is Apple Music So Slow? (FIXED)

Apple Music, much like any streaming service, can sometimes feel a little…

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Are iPhones Cheaper In Japan?

Whether it's a shopping mall or a children's nursery, we always keep…

Muhib Nadeem Muhib Nadeem

iPhone Stuck on Temperature Warning (Fixed)

The evolution of handheld tech has come a long way ever since…

Muhib Nadeem Muhib Nadeem

Share My Location Unable to Connect to Server (FIXED)

Connectivity is a metric best defined by the amount of information one…

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How To Connect USB C Headphones To iPhone?

It’s been a while since Apple decided to remove the goated headphone…

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