FIFA 19 Review: “We Are The Champions!”

UEFA Champions League. Is there any prize bigger than that in club football really? Wait, don’t answer that. OF COURSE, THERE ISN’T. Anyway, there’s no way we’d be able to start...
Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro Review 2018

If you aren’t yet fully accustomed to dual rear camera smartphones then you’re probably not yet fully prepared for the Huawei P20 Pro. Aside from being on the news for the...
Oppo F9 Pro

Oppo F9 Pro Review 2018

Do you want to be noticed? If yes, then an Oppo F9 Pro is exactly what you need. In a world where the production of generic looking smartphones is fast increasing...
For Honor

For Honor Review 2018 (PS4, XBOX , PC)

For Honor to be described in one word…punishing. A decision to jump straight into a 1v1 duel against an above normal AI bot or online will normally be a futile decision....
Asus Chromebook Flip Header

Asus Chromebook Flip Review

The premium Chromebook concept is not a new idea. It’s been there almost as long the laptop brand produced by Google. However, only the Asus Chromebook Flip has managed to realize...
God of War review

God of War Review 2018

Ever since Kratos came to life in the God of War in the original 2005 Sony creation for PlayStation, it has always managed to maintain exceptionally high standards. Thankfully, that hasn’t...
Nokia X6 Header

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review (Nokia X6)

Nokia, with this new smartphone of theirs, is trying to show the mobile market that they still have a voice. The Nokia 6.1 Plus is attempting to prove that this resurgent...
Marvel's Spiderman

Marvel’s Spiderman for Playstation 4 Review

At the core of what Insomniac Games was trying to do with this new adventure game of theirs, was to make the player feel like they are really Spider-man. Thankfully, they...
Oneplus 6 mobile phone

OnePlus 6 Review

It's fascinating how OnePlus 6 keeps coming up with astounding smartphone models every 6 months. In a world where most companies struggle with the idea of launching one model per year,...

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

Ever since the launch of Apple iPhone X has left people in awe with its brilliant face recognition technology, all eyes have been on Samsung to see what it comes up...

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