Fortnite Coming Back to iOS via GeForce Now but With a Catch

    Amidst all the litigation currently going on between Epic Games and Apple, for what could go on for several more months, Fortnite has taken...

    Microsoft Edge Is Integrating Its Own Math Solver In The Browser

    It seems that Microsoft Edge Math Solver could be a dream come true for many professional and academics looking to ease their mathematical woe

    Twitter Will Soon Let You Unsend Tweet But With A Timer

    Twitter is working on a new feature that ca soon let you unsend a Tweet, while this is far from the edit button, it is a start.

    You Can Now Transfer iCloud Photos and Videos To Google Photos

    A new feature from Apple lets you easily Transfer iCloud Photos and Videos To Google Photos in only a few clicks.

    Apple Could Be Working on an iPad Mini Pro To Boost The Mini Line

    It seems that Apple could be considering introducing an iPad Mini Pro to help give a bit of kick to their weaker line of iPads.

    Here’s Your First Look At The Apple Pencil Generation 3

    This could what the Apple Pencil Generation 3 looks like, but the new entry to the Pencil line has taken a new approach to the tip.