Best Augmented Reality

Best Augmented Reality Games

Okay, by now you should start realizing that Augmented Reality or AR is a real thing and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, this new concept...
Top PC racing games

Top Pc Racing Games 2018

Believe us when we tell you that coming up with the top PC racing games 2018 was no easy task. However, it’s because of such things that we the Gadget Gang...

FIFA 19 Review: “We Are The Champions!”

UEFA Champions League. Is there any prize bigger than that in club football really? Wait, don’t answer that. OF COURSE, THERE ISN’T. Anyway, there’s no way we’d be able to start...
future of gaming

What Gaming in the Future will look like

It’s very obvious by now that gaming as we know it is on the brink of a revolutionary change. Tech is evolving at amazingly rapid speeds. If real observable proof is...
For Honor

For Honor Review 2018 (PS4, XBOX , PC)

For Honor to be described in one word…punishing. A decision to jump straight into a 1v1 duel against an above normal AI bot or online will normally be a futile decision....
Best Gaming Laptops 2018

Best Gaming Laptops – September 2018

Gaming laptops have set the pace by staying ahead of the game when it comes to their unique features. From their powerful graphics to gorgeous displays all the way to great audio,...
God of War review

God of War Review 2018

Ever since Kratos came to life in the God of War in the original 2005 Sony creation for PlayStation, it has always managed to maintain exceptionally high standards. Thankfully, that hasn’t...
open world games on ps4

Top 6 open world games PS4 – 2018

The concept of open world gaming has come and is continuing to go a long way. Open world games on PS4 have loosened up that strict linear gameplay that most players...
PUBG Header

10 Exciting Battle Royale Games Like PUBG

Finding games like PUBG may be difficult for someone without prior knowledge of the loaded marketplace. Games like Battle 5 and Black Ops 4 may give you the same feeling similar...
Marvel's Spiderman

Marvel’s Spiderman for Playstation 4 Review

At the core of what Insomniac Games was trying to do with this new adventure game of theirs, was to make the player feel like they are really Spider-man. Thankfully, they...

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