games like skyrim

Beyond Elder Scrolls: 8 Games Like Skyrim

When it comes to games like Skyrim, there is not a long list. Looking for games like Skyrim requires a few elements that have proven to be quite hard to bundle...
Games Like Overwatch Feature

7 Games Like Overwatch

Few games like Overwatch have captured the essence of what has driven the immense success of Blizzard Entertainment’s recent cash cow. Overwatch is an undeniable esports sensation. The dedicated fans of...
Twich streaming

Niches in Streaming: What makes a Stream Popular?

Why are we interested in the streams that we watch? As viewers, we spend countless hours watching a person (or persons!) but don’t usually take the time to think about why...
Read dead, best open world games

Days Gone Review 2019: ‘The Horde Is Here’

Release Date: April 26, 2019 Developers: SIE Bend Studios Publishers: Sony Interactive Entertainment Gaming Platform: PlayStation 4 Rated M for Mature MSRP: $58.95 Open-world zombie games often have something quaint about them. Okay, maybe not all of...
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Crossplay Confirmed

New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Allows For CrossPlay!

War gamers all over the world are jittery with excitement over the impending release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Slated to hit stores on October 25th 2019, the game promises...
cod vs battlefield

Call of Duty vs Battlefield: Which is the Best War Game?

Do you have your rifle? Good. Is it loaded? Great. How about your boots, are they strapped really tight? Fantastic. Now grab your helmet because the battle begins in 3, 2,...
how to make a living on twitch

Can You Make a Living Streaming on Twitch? A Small How-To Guide on Starting...

Twitch is one of the top-grossing websites in America alone, rivaling the likes of big-name broadcasting sites such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. To the world, it is no different—Twitch...

Best FPS Games for PS4 In 2019

Imagine a powerful rifle in your hands, the enemy in your sights and your finger on the trigger. Amid the rumble of war, you take a single shot and eliminate the...
how to find your steam screenshots folder

Where To Find The Steam Screenshot Folder

You can take a screenshot of your steam game by pressing the f12 key, however, some people are having trouble trying to find the Steam screenshot folder, don't worry you are...
how to get more viewers on twitch

How To Get More Viewers On Twitch

Twitch has slowly become one of the best and most popular places to stream video content online. In fact, here are some stats for you. Twitch gets over fifteen million active...

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