Marvel’s Spiderman for Playstation 4 Review

Mikey Sebastian
Mikey Sebastian
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At the core of what Insomniac Games was trying to do with this new adventure game of theirs, was to make the player feel like they are really Spider-man. Thankfully, they achieved just that. You literally feel like you’re the one swinging all across those Manhattan rooftops. Web-slinging around the concrete jungle that is New York City is simply spectacular. And that’s, to say the least.

Marvel’s Spiderman for PlayStation 4 brings out two key elements of our beloved Spidey that work so well in games. His duty as a friendly neighbourhood crime fighter who battles murder happy super-villains as well as two-bit hoodlums and his agile, extremely fast body movements. In this captivating adventure game slinging around the NYC, working your way through story mode, catching pigeons and punching muggers have all been made compelling in their own unique way.

This open world game is one of the few that support its characters as much as it does the story. In a genre that’s fast getting over saturated, Marvel’s Spiderman’s emphasis on travel and freedom align with the wonderful experience of what being like Spidey himself would be. It’s developers. Insomniac Games, have largely focused on fluid movement, tight controls, and fun-to-deploy, slick super abilities. Most of which you’re probably well versed with if you know a bit about Spider-man.



New York Spiderman

If you didn’t know, Spider-Man and the city of New York go hand in hand and the version of Manhattan that Insomniac has managed to produce is equally as much of a character as is Spiderman himself. The first moments of the game have Spidey zipping out of the window of his apartment and web-slinging his way through the city. This instantly tells you that moving through Manhattan will probably play a big role in the overall substance of the game. But hey, that’s actually a very essential part of Spidey’s life anyway, no? Making your way around the city of New York is almost as much fun as sneakily webbing up ruthless mercenaries before they figure out you’re there or when you’re eventually laying your paws on some bad guys.



In this new Marvel’s Spiderman game, Peter Parker is eight years into his superhero career. This means that he’s not in high school nor is he in college anymore. However, he’s still trying to find what his place is in the real world and is still striking out at it more than ever. As has always been a trademark of Peter Parkers, he’s still trying, sometimes failing, at maintaining a proper balance of his duties and obligations as city protector with those concerning his real life. The commitments Spidey has usually make Parker chronically late, often forcing him to have to bail on family and friends. The relationship suffering the most being with him and Mary Jane Watson, his longtime love interest.

Spiderman cut scene

The game explosively begins with him and the police having to take down William Fisk, an organised crime nemesis of his. You eventually bring him down of course. But, now with Kingpin gone, the rogue elements he held at bay with his power start popping up all over the city. One of them being Mister Negative, a new super-villain, accompanied by his white mask wearing henchmen known as Demons. Punching these Demon minions is how you’ll figure out what this new super-villain is up to. There are even a few missions where you’re allowed to play as M.J herself. These scenes add detective hooks and break up action from time to time.



While Marvel’s Spiderman, on occasion, bogs down around the weaker regions of the open-world realm, some upgrade systems are designed to funnel you into completing some open-world activities. Unfortunately, sometimes these activities can get really annoyingly repetitive. That natural Spider-Man character gives side-quests a natural feel to them. This is largely due to the fact that he’s generally known for saving pet pigeons, stopping muggings as well as battling villains that have the ability to level buildings. This game brings all this together and captures what it’s actually like being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It definitely deserves a place on the mantle of beloved superhero game greats. And remember, this the Gadget Gang, we take such things very seriously, so believe us when we tell you this. Or not, we know it’s ultimately up to you.



That simply goes without saying. Anyway…YES, you should definitely cope this Playstation 4 adventure game. You certainly will not regret that choice. Whether or not you love Spidey, this action-packed, open-world game is surely one you’ll enjoy. As for how long it’ll last you, dedicated players will blow by the story mode pretty quick. If you’re that type, then it shouldn’t take you more than a full twelve hours to complete. However, extra open world content contained in the game may take twice that to finish. Now, with all this we’ve shown you, are you not convinced?

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