10 Exciting Battle Royale Games Like PUBG

Dan Westrop
Dan Westrop
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Finding games like PUBG may be difficult for someone without prior knowledge of the loaded marketplace. Games like Battle 5 and Black Ops 4 may give you the same feeling similar to PUBG, especially if you understand their gameplay. PUBG is the game that knocked it out of the pack in the battle royale scene. Taking your time to visit GadgetGang will help you discover exciting battle royale games like PUBG.

Dying Light – Bad Blood:

Dying Light – Bad Blood

This amazing game is a mix of zombies and parkour. Dying Light first made its appearance in the market around 2015. After three years of appearing in the gaming industry, this brutal royale game is still gaining traction among gamers. In this game, twelve players will have to attempt to collect enough blood samples through melee weapons. The aim of collecting samples of blood is to summon the chopper. Once the collection process is over, gamers will have to capture the only seat on the chopper to display dominance.

GTA Online – Motor Wars:

GTA Online – Motor Wars

Without any scintilla of doubt, this is a messy and exciting battle royal game that everyone will like to play. The GTA Online battle royale game makes a lot of sense if you understand its gameplay. Rockstar the official publisher of this game has added another amazing feature called Motor Wars. This is a tense battle for survival game in which teams will have to get highly weaponized to overcome their foe. The theme of this battle royale game is focused on vehicular mayhem.

The Culling:

The Culling

If you hunger for a battle royale game with the prospect of becoming a professional, then The Culling is a great choice. The game is orchestrated in a jungle forest environment where sixteen gamers explore, shoot and whack each other to death. Every victory and death in this game is found on a scoreboard above the sky chronicles. The combative scenes in the game are bloody with the help of the melee weaponry. Without any doubt, you will to engage in this kind of video game.

Ark – Survival Of The Fittest:

The Culling

This game contains the presence of dinosaurs. The game comes with an awful user interface, bogus gameplay and gawkish visuals. In this game, you will have to fight with barmy beasties and rancorous reptiles to be victorious. Another thing to know that mother nature may be out to attack players in this game. For this reason, it is important for gamers to be mindful of every step they take. The caveman environment of the game fits well and will provide you enthusiasm to continue.

Rules Of Survival:

Rules Of Survival

Are you looking for a battle royale game like PUBG to play on your phone? Rules of Survival may be one of the best games to suit your curiosity. The player limit of this game is better than most consoles you find in the gaming industry. In this game, one hundred and twenty players are permitted to compete in the same environment. Players have access to sophisticated guns, cars and the map remains highly impressive.

Black Ops 4 Blackout – The Call of Duty:

Black Ops 4 Blackout – The Call of Dut

The beta phase of this game is available and gamers can take advantage of this offer now. This is one of the first AAA battle royale games you can find in the marketplace. Gamers will find multiplayer maps while playing this game. These maps are spread across a well-organized environment. The game can accommodate about eight players at the same time. It is a great replacement for people tired with PUBG.

Arma 3 – PUB Royale Mod:

Arma 3 – PUB Royale Mod

The unleashing of PlayerUnknown started with this actual game. Brendan in Arma 3 is inspired for the love for military equipment. In the game, Brendan was able to experiment several PvP events to get amazing results. This helped in the creation of the first battle royale mod ever found in the gaming industry. The game is a reality and loaded with factual events that actually took place. The game can as well give you better feelings more than what you get in PUBG.


This is a game that you don’t have to pay a dime before playing. It is basically free to play for anyone. With the gameplay, graphics, visuals and other amazing features, the Fortnite battle royale game will not make you go wrong. Players can find the game on Xbox One and PS4. In this amazing game, you will find eccentric new weaponry, resource management, crafting and much more. The gameplay of the game will also help you experience amazing wins without difficulties.

H1Z1 – King Of The Kill:

H1Z1 – King Of The Kill

If you are an eSport enthusiast, then this game should not be ignored. The game holds a similar structure like the aforementioned Arma 3 mod. The combination of two gaming companies helped to give H1Z1 battle royale the best sensation that players enjoy today. The game is faster play and shooting is not a huge problem. The players in the community space of the game are competitive and active. Some of the best eSport tournaments that you watch live can be found floating in this amazing game. The main thing to know in this game is survival and skill.

Minecraft – The Hunger Games:

H1Z1 – King Of The Kill

This game can be played with your children at home. For several years back, Minecraft has featured Last Man Standing death events. The game helps to depict the rebuilt and destroyed world of Minecraft. It helps to give this battle royale game one of the best features you can explore than PUBG. Gamers have the opportunity to display their creative side when playing this game. Survival is the main theme of this game and players will have to do everything to live. It is important to know that the battle in this game will not be fair to any player. For this reason, getting prepared is the watchword when playing the game.


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