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Acefast Crystal T9 Review in dark
Review Overview

Acefast makes some of the best-looking earphones, and the Acefast Crystal T9 Review will explore another of their offering. While the earphones are identical to their last model, minor changes make them better than the Acefast Crystal T8 earphones.

I’ve tested all models of Acefast earphones, and apart from some touch control problems, they’ve been great to use. I wasn’t expecting a lot of changes from the iterative Acefast Crystal T9, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the control issues wholly solved. Acefast significantly improved user experience and made the touch controls responsive and sensible.

The Acefast Crystal T9 review will explore how the stylish earphone sounds and whether it’s worth investing in.

Package – Acefast Crystal T9 Review

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T9 Review package

The Acefast Crystal T9 arrived in a neat package with plenty of stiff cardboard to protect the contents. The earphone case was nestled neatly inside a soft foam, so you don’t need to worry about any transportation bumps damaging the goods.

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T9 Review box contents

The company takes presentation seriously, and it shows in the packaging. A small box underneath the earphone foam contains booklets, a USB Type-C Cable, additional earbud caps, and a protective rubber case. There’s also a lanyard, so you can easily carry the earphones. I’m satisfied with the packaging, presentation, and additional goodies.

Technical Specs

Image shows Different colors of the Acefast Crystal T9 Review

Inside, the Acefast Crystal T9  is the same as the Acefast Crystal T8. I didn’t find any audio improvements in the nearer model. However, considering the price, it’s already a solid device with good sound. Here is the technical spec sheet:

Audio Protocol SBC/AAC
Frequency response20Hz~20kHz
Transmission distance≥10m
Headset battery40mAh
Headset working time5 hours (music mode), 4 hours (calls mode)
Charging case battery480mAh
Total working timeAbout 30 hours
Headset charging timeAbout 1-hour
Charging case charging timeAbout 2 hours
Charging case inputDC5V / 0.45A
WeightAbout 43g
Waterproof ratingIPX4
Bluetooth version/chipV5.3 / Bestechnic BES2600IHC

Design – Acefast Crystal T9 Review

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T9 display lights

Design is where Acefast tries to differentiate itself from the competition. There are a ton of great brands offering almost exact specifications at around the same price. So why would you pick the Acefast Crystal T9  over the others? For me, it’s an eye-catching design. I received the green and red versions of the Acefast Crystal T9, and both look remarkable.

Image shows the Side profile of the Acefast Crystal T9 Review

Speaking of the design, the T9s look more like colorful pebbles than earphones. The smooth, rounded corners feel great to hold, so much so that I don’t use the protective case. It’s a round device; even the earphones are curved slightly to fit perfectly inside the round charging case. The design may only be for some, but it feels different and is easy to keep in the pockets all day long.

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T9 Review case

The Acefast Crystal T9 opts for two-tone colors on the body. The green one starts as a yellowish green at the bottom, gradually becoming parrot green. The red one also has two different shades. Acefast has found another way to stand out from the crowd here, but if you don’t like super-colorful devices, there is also a white version of the earphones. Compared to the almost transparent design of the T8, the T9s are perfectly opaque; you won’t be able to see the innards here.

Acefast Crystal T9 Review in dark

There are LED lights on the front that show the remaining battery levels. The LED is curved and stylish, unlike the standard ones found on the T8s. Smaller light indications for left and right earbuds show how much charge they have. The added utility raises the Acefast Crystal T9 above the competition, at least in accurately communicating battery levels.

Build Quality

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T9 Review colors

The Acefast Crystal T9  feels solid and weighty in the hand. I accidentally did a drop test on the unit; it is a little slippery. It survived a 10-foot fall easily, and the case had no visible scratches or smudges. However, I did have to fish for the earphones themselves, as they exploded out of the body on impact.

Image shows the Protective pouch

The Acefast Crystal T9  Review should highlight how well-made the earphones and the case are. The phones fit flush with the charging case, are easy to remove with one hand, and start charging immediately. The build quality here is excellent, Acefast usually delivers great quality with their products, even transparent ones like the Crystal A45 charger.

Feel and Comfort

Image shows the Transparent eartip

The Acefast Crystal T9 feels good in the ears. The standard tips/caps were small for my ears, so I changed them to larger ones. The perfect fit formed a seal inside the ear, lessening outside noise. There is no active noise canceling here, so the passive seal has to do the most lifting.

Image shows the Earphones with ear buds

I ran through the whole charge in a 5 hour sitting while listening to music. There was no discomfort at all during the test. I also took a nap with the earphones and was pleasantly surprised to see them still in my ears after 2 hours of deep sleep. 

Image shows the Various earbud sizes

The larger earbud tip/cap is recommended if you intend to run with the Acefast Crystal T9, as it will ensure the buds won’t fall out of your ears on the track. It’s a comfortable fit for me, but your experience may vary; everyone has unique ears. However, I’ve lent the Acefast Crystal T9 to some people, and they also had no complaints.

Battery Timings – Acefast Crystal T9 Review

Image shows the Charging port

While on paper, the Acefast Crystal T9 is precisely the same as the T8 model released previously, the battery life is slightly better. I’ve run through complete charging three times on the case and around nine times on the earbuds. It isn’t a scientific test, and I had the volume set at different levels. On average, the Acefast Crystal T9 lasted from 4 to 5 hours, depending on the volume.

Image shows the user Charging the case

The charging case adds battery to the Earbuds and charges quite fast. These stylish buds will easily last you the whole day, including commute, work, and commute back, with a mix of music and calls. It doesn’t have fantastic battery life, but it has exceptional timing. It’s also almost twice as good as the smaller Acefast Crystal T6 earphones; those are budget offerings from Acefast.

User Experience – Acefast Crystal T9 Review

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T9 front look

Acefast is improving the user experience with each device they release. They’ve considered past reviews when making the Acefast Crystal T9. As a result, I have almost no complaints about the Acefast Crystal T9. It’s a near-perfect pair of Earbuds, especially considering the price.


Image shows the Red and green variants

Once paired, the Earbuds connect with your devices using Bluetooth. It takes a few moments, and you are ready to use the Earbuds. I’ve used the Acefast Crystal T9  with a laptop, a tablet, a phone, and even the Pimax Portal gaming handheld and had no trouble connecting to the devices.

Image shows the Size comparison with the T6

There is no multi-device support here, so you can’t listen to music on your phone while on a Zoom meeting on the laptop. If it comes, the Acefast Crystal T10 will hopefully expand the functionality further.


Image shows the Acefast Crystal T9 with T6 and T8

Previously, I had trouble with the touch controls on the T8 and T6, which were utterly unusable. The Acefast Crystal T9 review needs to acknowledge how well the touch controls are on the new model. While they are still not instantaneous, they only register accidental touches sometimes. So, lying on your side on a pillow won’t make the Earbuds go haywire and launch Google Assistant.

Sound Quality – Acefast Crystal T9 Review

Image shows the USB Type c Port

The Acefast Crystal T9 has respectable sound quality. They are not competing with Apple’s Airpod Pros or Sony’s flagship Earbuds; they are a middle-of-the-road offering with a price to match. I wasn’t expecting much here, but the T9s impressed me with its bass and satisfying mid-tones.

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T9 Side view

The quality suffers at high bass levels, but it’s not noticeable. The overall sound stage also feels limited here compared to other pricier options. However, Acefast squeezed some quality sound from the drivers here. It’s loud, banging, and delivers high volumes; it will do the job. If you are an audiophile, you’ll be better off investing in another option.

Audio Quality

Image shows the ear buds without the tip

Both Earbuds come with their mics built in. So, regardless of your earbud, you can take calls and send voice notes. Using both Earbuds is recommended for better audio recordings.

Audio Sample (Quiet Environment):

Audio Sample (Noisy Environment):

I’ve used the Acefast Crystal T9 on calls, and the recipient had no trouble hearing me talk. I’ve also used the Earbuds while driving a car and riding a motorcycle on busy roads; they still sounded good. However, the buds sounded a little muted compared to other brands in the same price segment. It’s not a significant volume loss, but it’s there nonetheless. Surprisingly, the same didn’t happen with the T7s, which captured my voice appropriately.

Are Acefast Crystal T9 for you?

Image shows the Crystal family

If you love eye-catching and unique designs, the Acefast Crystal T9 is for you. Its smooth pebble shape is sure to catch some eyes. The earphones also sound good, even when there is noise around. Despite not having active noise canceling, the buds do an excellent job keeping noise out.

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T9 cushion

The Acefast Crystal T9 is not for you if you value sound accuracy above everything else; these are not monitoring earphones, not by a long shot. Then again, a true audiophile knows the hardware limitation of small-sized drivers. The Acefast Crystal T9 cranks the punchiness to 10 and delivers a vibrant sound experience; it’s just inaccurate.


The Acefast Crystal T9 Review concludes well with a full recommendation. The Earbuds are great at the price; they look beautiful, make music sound fantastic, and can last almost a full day of work without breaking a sweat. Combine it with an Acefast Charger or power bank, and you have a full suite. If you love cool-looking devices and designs, you can’t go wrong with the Acefast Crystal T9.

Acefast Crystal T9 Review in dark
Review Overview
Overall Rating 8 out of 10
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