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Image shows the Blue version of Acefast Crystal T6 Review
Review Overview

The Acefast Crystal T6 review checks out a budget offering from Acefast, a relatively new company making its name with various colorful accessories. From the get-go, it’s pretty clear that Acefast aims to make visually pleasing products, and the Acefast Crystal T6 is no different. The earphones are small not only in size but also in budget.

Students, kids, and adults looking for a respectable quality earphone solution should consider the Acefast Crystal T6 earbuds. They look great, sound nice, and are very friendly on the pocket. The units are available in a variety of different colors. Gadgetgang received dark and light blue variants of the Acefast Crystal T6 for review.

Package – Acefast Crystal T6 Review

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T6 Review box

Like its elder sibling, the Acefast Crystal T8, the T6 also comes in a well-packaged box. The earphones and case are nestled in soft foam and wrapped in plastic packing, so the units arrive pristine. The usual postal wear and tear wasn’t enough to damage the package. Inside, you’ll find:

  • The Acefast Crystal T6 earbuds
  • The charging case
  • A protective silicone case with a lanyard
  • Three pairs of ear tips
  • A USB-C charging cable 
  • A user manual 
Image has the Box contents of Acefast Crystal T6

The packaging provides enough cushioning to the charging case, everything arrived in perfect condition. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about the transportation being mean to the earbuds.

Technical Specs

image shows the Charger display
Audio Protocol SBC/AAC
Frequency response20Hz~20kHz
Transmission distance≥10m
Headset battery40mAh
Headset working time4 hours (music mode), 3 hours (calls mode)
Charging case battery500mAh
Total working timeAbout 20 hours
Headset charging timeAbout 1-hour
Charging case charging timeAbout 2 hours
Charging case inputDC5V / 0.4A
WeightAbout 39.5g
Waterproof ratingIPX4
Bluetooth version/chipv5.0 / Bestechnic BES2300IU

Design – Acefast Crystal T6 Review

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T6 Review look

The Acefast Crystal T6 is smaller than any other Bluetooth earphones. While other earphone cases like the Crystal T8 or even Apple Earpods can fit in a pocket easily, these can be adjusted in the jeans’ coin pocket (old-timey clock pocket).

image shows the Earphones out of the charging case

The transparent design of the Acefast Crystal T6 case makes them eye-catching. You can see right through the charging case. The earphones themselves are opaque but still retain the color theme. Overall, it’s a compact design can easily fit inside any purse or pocket without a fuss. So, if you are tired of giant charging cases, the Acefast Crystal T6 might be your solution.

Image shows the Blue version of Acefast Crystal T6 Review

While the colors look great, the front LEDs make the Acefast Crystal T6 look amazing. This little feature pushes the earphones from the normal to the excellent category. The bright LED lights remove the need to connect your earbuds to the phone to know how much charge remains. Take an earbud out, and the LED automatically turns on and displays the remaining case charge. There are more minor indicators that show the individual earpiece charge as well.

Build Quality

Image shows the Box contents

The Acefast Crystal T6 review won’t be complete without discussing the build quality. The T6 are small earphones, and the charging case is compact, but they don’t feel cheap. They are not as heavy as other competitors, which are also priced significantly higher, but the earbuds feel weighty in the hand. The earbuds are water-resistant and can accompany you on your workouts and runs.

Image shows the protective case for the T6

The earphones are made from thick plastic and are sturdy. I’ve dropped them several times during testing, and they hold up quite well. The clear glass-like plastic on the charging case is also well made; it didn’t get scuffed when I dropped the whole unit while riding my motorcycle. Overall, Acefast did an excellent job with the build quality, especially considering the sub-$50 price.

Feel and Comfort

Image shows the Black variant of the T6

They are comfortable, and I used the Acefast Crystal T6 for about three weeks. My ears get itchy if I wear earphones for an extended period, but the Acefast Crystal T6 lasted for a whole movie. I’ve used them to binge-watch a couple of shows and wear them during work as Skyrim background music played.

Image shows the The Acefast Crystal T6 ear caps

The earphones fit my ear perfectly, but I did have to change to a larger ear tip for better grip. The default one is good enough, but made the earphones drop when I went on a run. I recommend securing the earbuds with better-fitting ear tips.

Image has various sized earcaps

However, these are only for you if your ears grip an in-ear rubber tip design. Some ears are better at using Apple-style earpods, while others work better with rubberized tips. I had a couple of friends from the “Apple Style” camp test out the Acefast Crystal T6, and it was a no-go for them.

Battery Timings – Acefast Crystal T6 Review

Image shows The Acefast Crystal T6 Review with T8

The battery timings are as advertised. Even at full volume, I was getting around 3.5 to 4 hours. It’s not exceptional, but it’s more than enough for the price and size. With the charging case, you can recharge the buds at least 4-5 times, extending the duration to 18-20 hours.

Image has the Included USB Type C cable

The Acefast Crystal T6 has a USB cable that lets you charge the case quickly. It takes around 2 hours to go from 0 to 100 percent. Overall, there is nothing to complain about the battery timings on the unit.

User Experience – Acefast Crystal T6 Review

Image shows the Charging case with different ear caps

The Acefast Crystal T6 earbuds are easy to use with extraordinary portability. The trade-off is a smaller battery inside the earbuds and the charging case. However, the overall experience was pleasant; I did face a couple of issues with both Acefast Crystal T6 units I got. I also appreciate the sound-based notification system that lets you know when the earbuds are paired.


Image shows the Mixing and matching the T6

The Acefast Crystal T6 uses Bluetooth for connectivity, and it works fine. Without a hitch, I connected the earbuds to my phone, tablet, PC, and another phone. There were no connection drops during my testing either. The range on the Acefast Crystal T6 is also good, nothing exceptional, so don’t expect to take calls in the next room.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection works across multiple devices. The pairing is automatically done per industry standards, and the earphones connect in around 4-5 seconds.


Image shows the The Acefast Crystal T6 Review front

The Acefast Crystal T6 features touch controls on the earbuds. Unfortunately, these controls are the weakest link in an otherwise fantastic package. I couldn’t get them to work correctly at all. I didn’t enjoy the touch-sensitive controls on the Acefast Crystal T8, but the controls here are way worse.

Image shows the USB Charging port on the Acefast Crystal T6

The tapping gestures don’t register; they have a significant delay even if they do. The unresponsiveness leads to a mess of a user experience. By the end, I was so tired of the Acefast Crystal T6 misreading my taps that I stopped using the touch controls. That’s not all; the touch-sensitive controls activate with any contact, so if you want to lay on your side in bed, tough luck, the earbuds will have a mind of their own. Acefast should have added a physical button; in fact, no controls at all would be preferable to the controls on the Acefast T6.

Sound Quality – Acefast Crystal T6 Review

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T6 earbuds

The sound quality on the T6 is OK. It’s not going to blow anyone away with its richness and vibrancy, but it won’t completely turn you off. In the price range, the Crystal T6 is excellent at what it provides. There is ample bass, but again, it’s also very budget-sounding. The 6 mm speaker size tries its best, and it somewhat succeeds.

There is also no high-resolution or loss-less audio support here; that’s too much to ask from the budget earphones. The main Acefast Crystal T6 page also mentions ENC, but I didn’t find it to be that effective. The mid tones and vocals sound reasonable, but the treble is sometimes too harsh, especially at full volume.

Overall, considering the price, the T6 is a good-sounding kit. It’s not going to win any awards for audio, but it’s loud with good bass and lasts a couple of episodes of your favorite TV show.

Audio Quality

Image shows the Protective packing of the earphones

The T6 has two mics, one in each earbud. They sound good, and I had no trouble talking on the phone. My voice was clear but had that computerized robotic tinge as if coming from a tin box. The effect isn’t prominent, so it can only be noticed if you focus hard enough. Here is how the earphones sound when talking in a relatively quiet room:

Here is how they sound in a noisy environment:

Gaming Performance

Image shows the Black T6 with case

The Acefast Cyrstal T6 review wouldn’t be complete without at least touching on gaming. The company claims the earphones have low latency, but it’s still not low enough for multiplayer gaming. If you are looking for a budget earphone to play PUBG or Call of Duty Mobile, these are not for you. There is a noticeable delay in audio when playing fast-paced shooters or games that require faster response. The earphones are lovely for playing slow and single-player games, though.

Are Acefast Crystal T6 for You?

Image shows the Acefast Crystal T6 back

The Acefast Crystal T6 is made for budget-conscious buyers who still want a good-looking device. The earbuds provide good-quality audio while being light on the pocket. So, if you want lightweight earphones to accompany you on the runs or daily commute, the T6 is perfect. The design might only be for some, but if you like the transparent look, these will be great for your travels and late-night movie binges.


The Acefast Crystal T6 review concludes with a tricky recommendation. They are a well-priced product with a glaring flaw that might turn many people off. Apart from the touch-sensitive controls, my overall experience is lovely with the T6. So, if you can ignore the controls and need a nice-sounding earphone that doesn’t cost much, the Acefast Crystal T6 will do a superb job. I’d say spend a little more and get the Crystal T8; it has a better design, battery, and slightly tolerable touch controls.

Image shows the Blue version of Acefast Crystal T6 Review
Review Overview
Overall Rating 6.5 out of 10
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