Best RAM For Intel Core i7-11700k in 2021

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Dan Westrop
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The Intel Core i7-11700k is a great central processing unit available to gamers at this time, offering eight Cypress Cove cores and has Hyper-Threading, beating AMD’s Ryzen 7 5950x in single-core benchmarks.

Despite the CPU market having fierce competition as never seen before between AMD and Intel in terms of gaming performance, it is hard to find a better option than Intel’s new Core i7-11700k.

However, other components of your gaming rig are just as important as the CPU when it comes to squeezing every drop of performance this CPU can offer, with RAM being one of the most important.

Are you a gamer looking to create the perfect gaming overclocking rig to play the latest titles in the highest quality possible? looking to do some video editing? or maybe you invested in the new CPU but can’t afford additional expensive components for the time being? Whatever your case is, we probably got you covered!

Get the Right Ram for Your Intel i7-11700k

Best Overall RAM for i7-11700kCorsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO32GB3600 Mhz Cheap Cheap
Best Overall Runner UpG.Skill TridentZ RGB32GB3200 Mhz Cheap Cheap
Best RAM for Extreme OverclockCrucial Ballistix MAX RGB32GB4000 Mhz Cheap Cheap Cheap Cheap
Best RAM for Most i7-11700k UsersCorsair Vengeance LPX 32GB3200 Mhz Cheap Cheap Cheap
Best i7-11700k Budget RAMOLOy32GB3200 Mhz Cheap

Choosing the best RAM for your Intel i7-11700k will not only ensure that your new CPU runs as smoothly as possible, but also that your new or updated rig looks as good as possible. We all know how picky gamers and power users can be when it comes to having a sweet setup.

We have compiled a list of the best RAMs in the market to integrate into your PC and ensure that you can run any application or game you want to without having to worry about bottlenecks in your setup, with an option for every possible use case you might match with.

All of the options we have selected have at least 32 GB of capacity and a frequency of 3200 MHz, ensuring you can run your games in 4k with high refresh rates, while also doing streaming and other CPU/memory intensive tasks with your i7-11700k.

However, you should keep in mind that when it comes to building a high-performance setup, RAM and CPU are not the only components that matter.

As so, make sure to also pay attention to your GPU, cooling systems, storage drives, peripherals, and other components that can improve your overall experience. For now, let’s discuss the best Core i7-11700k RAM options out there!

Best Overall RAM for i7-11700k

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Over the years, Corsair has been one of the most popular names in the industry when it comes to PC builds, having over 25 years of experience in the gaming market and products for every need. You can count on Corsair to deliver quality, and The Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO is no exception.

The Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO offers blazing clock speed with 3600MHZ, a high level of performance that is sure to pair well with your Core i7-11700k.

While its clock speed is already impressive, the 32 GB offered by this option will ensure that you have more than enough memory for all your needs. Doesn’t matter if you are only into gaming, video editing, streaming, or any other activity, the capacity will be enough for you not to worry about ever running out of memory while doing what you have and want to do.

As this capacity is divided into 2 sticks of 16 GB each, you will also be able to take advantage of your motherboards dual or quad-channel capabilities, further improving the speed of data transfer by improving communication between the memory and the memory controller.

The heat dissipation of this RAM is achieved by using an Anodized Aluminum heat spreader to ensure that your RAM’s performance won’t be throttled by heat without the need for fancy refrigeration setups.

Corsair knows that while performance is important, it is not the only thing that matters. This is why it added fully customizable RGB LEDs that can be individually addressed by using Corsair’s iCUE software to give your desktop your own style.

The Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO 32GB is an excellent option for those looking for incredible storage and performance, making it the best overall RAM for Intel i7-11700k CPU users.

Best Overall Runner Up

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G.Skill might not be as well known as Corsair in the gaming world. However, the company has managed to manufacture a RAM alternative that is sure to more than achieved the performance that a processor like the i7-11700k requires.

The G.Skill TridentZ RBG Series was designed and optimized to be compatible with all AMD Ryzen 2 and Intel z270 processors and newer but it still packs more than a punch while also offering that sweet RGB illumination we have come to love in the PC master race.

This RAM will provide you with a clock speed of 3200 MHz and great overclocking performance made possible by its strong signal integrity, which ensures no data corruption will cause your latest games to crash.

The G.Skill Trident Z has a stylish design that won’t go unnoticed on your PC with its dual-tone design with bright LED RGB illumination and a sleek beveled edge inspired by racing cars. Just add your own effects and color preferences by using its customization capabilities and taking advantage of the wide light diffuser to make your PC look as good as it can do.

These RAM sticks feature luxurious hair-line finished aluminum heat spreaders with an aggressive fin design that not only makes your PC look cool but also stay that way due to the highly efficient heat dissipation they offer, preventing your RAM, Intel i7-11700k, and the whole setup from throttling.

The 2 sticks of 16 GB each will also allow you to set up your multi-channel setup for added performance and illumination while ensuring you never run out of memory. Overall this is a great choice, and is easily one of the best ones out there.

Best RAM for Extreme Overclock

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If you are a power user that can’t stand to lose a single drop of performance and have to overclock your CPU on its first run, you won’t need to look further than the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB.

With a staggering clock speed of 4000 MHz, this RAM will ensure your new Intel i7-11700k CPU will never lose a beat when overclocking it to get that extra edge you need in the game.

The 32 GB of capacity will give you more than enough memory to run everything you want without crashes by taking advantage of the multi-channel support and 2 16GB sticks.

Heat dissipation and monitoring are crucial to make the best out of your overclocking experience while avoiding throttling and damage to your components.

This is why the Crucial Ballistix MAX offers precision temperature sensors to monitor your thermal performance while pushing your CPU to its limit as the high-quality aluminum heat spreaders ensure you get as much dissipation as possible.

While this RAM’s design is not as flashy as other options, the RGB lighting it offers is still astonishing and vibrant. With16 RGB LEDs in 8 different zones and compatibility with most customization software you can add your style to your rig.

This ram offers XMP 2.0 support to ensure you don’t need to be a technological genius to easily overclock your computer as it can be done automatically. However, if you are an expert and require granular control over the settings, you can customize them manually.

This is definitely the best option if you are focused on achieving the highest performance possible not only on your Intel i7-11700k CPU but on your whole rig. Be sure to manage the heat these things can kick out, and enjoy the performance!

Best RAM for Most i7-11700k Users

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We know that not every user wants to run through the trouble or run the risk of overclocking your PC incorrectly as the performance offered by the Intel i7-11700k right out of the box is more than enough and RGB illumination might be something you are not interested in.

If this sounds like you, the Corsair Vengeance LPX might be the best option for you with its 32000 MHZ of clock speed and its stylish but low-profile design.

The anodized aluminum heat spreaders ensure effective heat dissipation through the entirety of the RAM sticks while keeping a small form factor that makes it a perfect match for those looking for a tidy setup or who have a smaller case.

While the Corsair Vengeance LPX does not have RGB illumination, it has more than enough performance to make up for it, making it a perfect complement to your i7-11700k.

Best i7-11700k Budget RAM

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Building a high-performance PC is expensive, we all are aware of that. If you have to decide, or already decided, between spending on an Intel i7-11700k and other expensive components, you will find that you still have budget RAM options that can offer good performance while you decide to upgrade.

The OLOy OWL DDR4 RAM offers you 32 GB of capacity in 2 sticks of 16 GB each with an incredible ratio between price and quality. This RAM has a clock speed of 3200 MHz, multi-channel and XMP 2.0 support, and compatibility with the latest processors in the market, including your i7-11700k.

As it is a budget alternative, the OLOy OWL RAM does not offer RGB lighting and has a simple style. However, this does not mean that it has nothing to offer your build in terms of appearance, as it possesses fins with a unique style that allows the lighting from other components to be visible between them, creating an interesting appearance when combined.

While this RAM option is as simple as it gets in high-performance RAM, the OLOy OWL will offer you more than enough performance to take advantage of everything you and your Intel i7-11700k throw at it, all for a lower price that will allow you to focus on improving other PC components.


As you can see from all the products we mentioned in our list, there are many options to choose from when deciding what is the best RAM for your Intel i7-11700k processor with factors like storage, customization, overclocking supports, price, and design being relevant.

One important thing to remember is that while clock speed and other factors can truly affect the performance of the RAM, some of them will have a higher impact on performance than others depending on your setup If you decide to go for an option that is not in the list, you should make prioritize capacity and clock speed over other indicators if you find yourself undecided.

It is a good idea to learn about how all the components work together, and how to best use your money to get the performance that you need.

This being said, you can be certain that all of the options we have chosen for you will do a great job depending on what you are looking for as they are the best in their respective categories.

Now that you know what the best RAM for your new Intel i7-11700k is, it is just a matter of figuring out what your priorities are when it comes to design, price, overclocking support, and performance. Whether you are a gamer or a power user: Good luck and have fun!

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