Call Of Duty Warzone: 4 Ways To Play Plunder Mode

Alexandru Moscalu
Alexandru Moscalu
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Call Of Duty Warzone appeared not long ago and already a lot of players have taken into the battle-royale game. Infinity Ward and Raven Software have released the free game on most of the major platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC), allowing players to experience an entertaining game, with lots of action and content to see. One of the most fun times was when I was playing Warzone was during Plunder, a mode where you have to gather one million dollars before everyone and protect them to win. During my sessions of gameplay, I have discovered four ways of enjoying Plunder, two of which are focused more on winning and two of which are focused on having fun.

Call of Duty Warzone - Completing Contracts
Call of Duty Warzone – Completing Contracts

1. Completing in-game contracts

Probably one of the most effective ways of winning at Call Of Duty Warzone Plunder is completing contracts. If you already have a squad you are playing with, you can be sure that this method will get you in the top 10 most of the time while playing Plunder. What you have to do is get a team that communicates, grab a car and start collecting contracts all over the map. This way you can assure that you are all on the same page, you get to the objectives fast, thanks to the car you have and at the same time, you can protect each other and shoot other players much more easily.

As for the loadout, I prefer taking a sniper rifle, the ARX-50, with modifications (depending on what you want), and the AK-47 (I have a perk which allows me to carry two main weapons). As for lethal and tactical, you can take your choice. I prefer the Heartbeat sensor (but that is because I suck at aiming and whatever advantage I have to see my opponent first, I take). For my Lethal, I take Claymore, because I can place it at entrances and have an advantage when someone enters a building. But here, you can always pick the Frag Grenade, which is a much better choice for encounters with players.

Call of Duty Warzone - Hunting High Earning Players
Call of Duty Warzone – Hunting High Earning Players

2. Hunting high reward players in Warzone Plunder

This one is a bit more action-packed than completing contracts. You can always get your items from chests, but then, when you get what you need, just start looking for the most earning players in the match. They will appear on the map after a while and you can hunt them and make money. This is especially good at the beginning of the match because there are not so many cash deposits that they can use. This way of earning the money will let you get into more gunfights but at the same time, it will be more fun. Be sure to take a car to be able to keep up with the players. Most of the time, the highest earners are teams working together, so, if you are alone, be sure to take that into account. Try to get some friends to help you.

As for the equipment, I got the same thing. The sniper rifle and the AK-47 are enough for me. I take the Munition Box Field upgrade, so I don’t run out of bullets. For Tactical, I pick the Heartbeat Sensor, but you can go with STIM, so you can fight for longer. Pair it with the Restock perk and you can use it every thirty seconds. As for Lethal, pick whatever you’re comfortable with, the Frag Grenade is again a safe choice.

Call Of Duty Warzone - Raiding Cash Deposit Helipads
Call Of Duty Warzone – Raiding Cash Deposit Helipads

3. Raid Cash Deposit Helipads

This one is similar to hunting high earners, just that, you are not hunting high earning players. This way is based on having more fun and trying to get into gunfights often. But, it can still be a good way of getting cash. You wait for Cash Deposits Helipads to be unlocked and you start to make your way there. You do not need a vehicle for this method, you just need your loadout. High earning players will also make their way to Helipads because they want to keep their money safe. Chances are they will be running into you. Whether you want to take them down from far apart, or from up-close, it is your decision. Just stay around the Helipads and all kinds of players will make their way there.

Pick a weapon that allows you to fight at whichever range you are and make sure you have something to protect you (such as a Claymore) if you’re sniping, or something offensive (Frag Grenade is your safe choice) if you’re up-close. The Stim-Restock combination is also a good choice.

Call Of Duty Warzone - Building Rooftop Sniping
Call Of Duty Warzone – Building Rooftop Sniping

4. Sniping players from rooftops

Ok, this method is not necessarily a good way to make money, but it definitely is fun. Just pick a sniper rifle, a Claymore and a Stun Grenade, and you are good. Land on a building when you jump from the airplane and start shooting. It is not much to it, but you need to make sure you spot players as first as much as possible. There are zones where you do not get so much action as a sniper, but if you land on specific zones, you can always have a sniper-off with other players or just hunt players on the map.

Some of the best zones to land are the Barakett Promenade East and West, the Verdansk Hospital, the Downtown Tavorsk District and sometimes the Verdansk Train Station. Those zones are close to each other, but oftentimes, players end up in them. There are Helipads there, one that is actually on top of a building. Whichever way you are facing, you can look around and find someone.

These are some of the ways I enjoy playing Call Of Duty Warzone Plunder Mode. Make sure you invited your friends every time you play. Please make sure to check out for more articles about gadgets, games, news and many more.

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