iPhone 15 Pro Max’s “Titanium Build” Is More Weaker Than The Galaxy S23 Ultra in Drop Tests

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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With its new titanium chassis, the iPhone 15 Pro Max replaces the stainless steel of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, providing you a lighter flagship at the expense of durability.

In a series of drop tests, PhoneBuff showed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is not only vulnerable to scratches but also weak against drops. The flagship products from Apple and Samsung are launched from the same height, with the point of impact being a concrete slab.

The YouTube channel also demonstrates how the CASETiFY Bounce case protects the front and back, all four corners, and 10 times more of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, increasing its longevity. Although it may not be the most affordable addition to your brand-new acquisition, it does the job quite effectively.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max both make first contact with the concrete slab on their backs in the first drop test, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra is able to withstand the blow and emerges victorious. Surprisingly, the iPhone 15 Pro Max triumphs in the second drop test, which entails dropping both phones at an angle such that they make contact with the concrete slab from the corner, despite prior testing demonstrating that the same corners are really the device’s weak spot.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra won the contest after four rounds of drop testing, earning a score of 39, against the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 37. By any means, that’s not a poor outcome, and it will be fascinating to see how the Galaxy S24 Ultra does when it debuts early in the next year with its reported titanium chassis.

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