Logitech G203 Lightsync Gaming Mouse Review

Dan Westrop
Dan Westrop
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Every gamer aiming for excellence is constantly searching for a perfect mouse. From the importance of accuracy to the significance of build, each aspect of gaming mice must be carefully constructed. For example, if just the aim is inaccurate, the entire FPS experience is ruined in seconds. However, due to the constant barrage of releases in the gaming market, figuring out which mouse best suits your needs is immensely tough. This is why today, for both professional and noob gamers, we’re written The Logitech G203 Lightsync review.

We spent a good week in preparing this review. Our technique for writing this review involved researching specifications, along with testing the mouse during actual gameplay. Through this, we were not only able to figure out what this mouse promises, but also whether it delivers on those promises, or squanders our research. We’re glad to say it delivered!

The Logitech G203 is a great mouse for every gamer. From design all the way to performance, it handles every gaming aspect with top-notch quality, all for an incredibly low price of $40.


Shape, as any gamer knows, is incredibly essential in a mouse. If a mouse doesn’t feel right in your hands, the entire gaming experience can be ruined. Here, we need to consider three things: design, ergonomic design, and the actual shape.

The Lightsync G203 maintains excellence with all three of these aspects. Design-wise, this is a minimalistic mouse with asymmetrical design. With three-zone customizable RGB lighting, which has up to 16.8 million combinations, along the sides, the back, and on a glowing ‘G’ logo in the middle, the colors make for a visually exciting experience. All this culminates in a beautiful design. The customization with these colors is facilitated with the Logitech G-HUB software, which allows for customization and provides the ability to set specific colors for specific games or create a flowing wave-like gradient. Other than this, we’re given a right-hand ergonomic design, so that users don’t get strains on their wrists. For shape, this mouse has a classic gaming design, sure to make gamers nostalgic while maintaining a fantastic grip.


Though size with mice seems like a pointless feature, it’s actually quite important.  From cable length, all the way to the dimensions of the actual mouse, ensuring that it’s the perfect size with respect to the user’s hands is very important.

This makes it quite impressive when the Lightsync manages to excel at this as well. With a 117mm long, 62mm wide, and 38 mm high build, we’re provided an excellent mouse for people with smaller hands, though people with larger hands need not worry, as this works well for them too. Moreover, with a 2+ meter cable, this model essentially promises that moving this mouse around won’t be a hassle, and it’ll never get stuck.


Sensors help ensure that mouse usage doesn’t become laggy and troublesome. This is especially important with gamers, as lag can sometimes mean the difference between winning and losing.

This is why the Lightsync uses a Gaming Grade Optical Sensor. This essentially ensures that lag will be minimized. With cutting-edge technology, executing harsh gameplay in extraneous situations, such as being stuck as the only player on your team against multiple players, is as smooth as butter. This is why the Lightsync is so incredible. Despite its low price, it always manages to exceed our expectations of what a mouse with that price level is able to achieve.


Above all else, what we generally expect from computer equipment is high performance. With mice, it’s quite the same. Here, we need to consider DPI levels (sensitivity), sensors, buttons, and actual quality tests.

As is the trend by now, the Lightsync excels here as well. To start off, this mouse provides up to 8000 DPI, which can be customized so that users can set the sensitivity to their personal preferences. In fact, if you download the Logitech GHUB software, it allows for a system called “DPI toggle.” Using this, users can customize which DPIs they would prefer to toggle between. So if you need different sensitivity while sniping than during knife fights, this mouse facilitates that need. Secondly, as mentioned above, the Gaming-Grade Optical Sensor works incredibly well in providing users with a lag-free gaming experience. Its six customizable buttons ensure getting to certain programs with speed is easy. Also, the two primary buttons have metal springs, which make for a wonderfully crisp click. For actual quality tests, users who used this mouse while playing Call of Duty and Battlefield reported it worked very well with those highly demanding games.


Overall, this mouse, with its myriad of amazing features, is sure to be a great companion for any gamer. Its performance, build, and design, all work in unison to ensure that the gaming experience is nothing short of immaculate. All this, provided with the small price of $40, means this mouse surely delivers on all its promises, and more!

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