Tech news

    Huawei announces its new Harmony Operating System

    Is the huge gamble worth it.

    Nvidia is Buying ARM from SoftBank for $40 Billion

    The previous rumors about this situation have been correct since now Nvidia has confirmed its intentions of buying the processor architecture company ARM. The purchase of ARM Holdings from the current owner, which is SoftBank, will be valued at $40 Billion. The boards of directors from NVIDIA, Arm, and SBG approved the acquisition, which is expected to be accretive to NVIDIA’s non-GAAP earnings per share and non-GAAP gross margin.

    Oracle finally secures deal to buy TikTok

    In an unlikely turn of events, Oracle has been announced as TikTok's potential partner.

    What’s next for TikTok in America?

    Facing a potential ban in America, TikTok's future is increasingly looking uncertain

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