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    I'm a developer with a passion for writing. I have been a blogger for a long time and I still have the same energy and enthusiasm for writing tech that I had in the beginning.
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    Best Games to Play on the iPhone 12

    The new iPhone was announced a few days ago and if you are wondering what are the best games to play on iPhone 12...

    Top 10 Games Coming to PS5

    As the PS5 release is coming closer the games list is getting bigger. The games that are going to get released on the launch of the console are important and here's a list of the ones that are already confirmed.

    First Look at PS5’s UI

    The console's release date is less than a month away, so PlayStation on YouTube released a video showing how the User Interface will look on the new console. It's definitively an upgrade to the previous version since this one focuses a lot more on the User Experience. It will help you connect with friends easier and to dive into the game a lot faster.

    Is Google Meet Grid View Better Than Zoom?

    With the rise of remote work, these past few months people have started to use Zoom massively. Mainly because of the grid view feature but what if I say you that you can also have a Google Meet Grid View. Will it change your mind about using this application?

    How to Find Out if Someone is Stealing your Wi-Fi

    For some people is hard to imagine a world where people would rely on stealing wireless to have access to the internet, and I'm right there with them. To find out if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi it's not a hard process but it can get complicated. That's why I have made this article to help you out in completing this process.

    The Difference Between Paid and Free Versions of Among Us

    At this point, we all have heard of the game that has taken over the internet, Among Us. This game that was released in 2018 has seen a huge rise in popularity, it offers a free version and a paid one for only 5$ on steam.

    Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Release Date and More

    The long-awaited game Ghost of Tsushima: Legends release date has been announced and it's coming on October 15th. You will have to get ready to conquer and eliminate legendary enemies.

    How to Backup Your Gmail Account

    If you are like most people nowadays that have a Gmail account for your business or even personal use then it's important that you backup the information on there. You might have some essential information on there that you don't want to lose so it's always smart being prepared for the worst.

    Facebook Messenger finds the way to your Instagram DMs

    Instagram has announced its integration with Facebook Messenger recently. At the moment, it's an optional feature, but we could see this change really soon. This is made with the intention of not switching apps to continue a conversation. We are witnessing with time that Facebook is moving more and more into the business and back-end part of their applications ecosystem.