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    The Twitter outage on thursday raises major security concerns among analysts

    Twitter said there was no evidence of any security breach on the platform. However, the outage has raised some concerns among users and analysts

    Is artificial intelligence powering robots to take your job?

    Artificial Intelligence technology is advancing way faster than we can adapt and it is increasingly being incorporated into all spheres of human...

    Here are some highlights on the all new iPhone 12 series.

    Yesterday, Apple introduced its newest phones yet. And as usual, there were a host surprises that many weren't prepared for

    How do we deal with the e-waste menace?

    In the 80s and early 90s, electronic devices were often expected to last for decades. As the years passed by however, many firms started to churn out electronic devices like never before; and

    Why is the information age leaving us so misinformed?

    If you get your information from the internet, you should probably think twice about its credibility

    Is the golden age of online video streaming services over?

    Streaming has become the largest form of digital media consumption in the world. In 2019, for the first time ever; households subscribed to more streaming services than traditional pay TV.

    Snowflake records the largest ever software IPO

    The Warren Buffett backed software company has made software's largest ever IPO