Google to Offer Replacement Components For Pixel Fold, Being the First to Do So

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Due to Samsung’s continued lack of parts availability for its foldable phones, Google has made the decision to become the first firm to start selling components for the Pixel Fold by collaborating with iFixit.

Now it makes sense why businesses would want to avoid selling components for foldable gadgets. They are brittle and readily break, and they can be difficult to fix. Google, however, has a different opinion on the Pixel Fold since the business, in a brave move, wants people to fix their own gadgets.

Even though the components are now unavailable, the corporation has specified how it would handle the repairs after discussing with people at 9to5Google. The statement is as follows.

We offer mail-in and walk-in repair services for Pixel Fold outside warranty period (out of warranty repair). We are also planning parts, repair guides and tools available via iFixit. For Pixel Fold specifically, we are offering Extended Warranty (Preferred Care), which will give customer coverage against accidental damages and mechanical breakdowns after the warranty period ends. The customer can buy either a month plan or a one time payment. With this service, the customer can get their Fold repaired – or if needed, replaced – with a deductible.

It is important to note that Google will offer screens, batteries, and other replacement parts for the Pixel Fold. Internal screens will also be offered, according to the source, which does seem like a pretty great feature, but considering how hard it is to fix a folding phone, it may not be necessary.

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