A Nintendo Switch Emulator is available on Android but is full of red flags

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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You wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t hear it yourself, but it seems that Nintendo’s popular hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch has successfully achieved a working Nintendo Switch Emulator on Android.

However, the term working is used loosely here as the list of compatible games is very brief.

What is important to note here, is that this is a working Nintendo Switch Emulator that is available on Android, but you will have to ignore a number of questionable choices if you choose to go through with supporting the developer.

The emulator made a first appearance on wololo, a known site for video game modding community.

Going by the name of EggNS, it is a software that is cobbled together from bits and pieces of other software.

Taki Udon has made a superb video on the emulator, but not all that glitters is gold:

Currently, the known “red flags” here are that the software uses some borrowed code from another Nintendo Switch Emulator but on the PC, Yuzu. This was necessary to help with the GPU emulation.

In addition, the software will not work unless you buy a $99 controller for it that turns your phone into a near 1:1 replica of a Nintendo Switch, sans the kickstand.

Adding to it, the emulator forces you to make an account to run the app. An unknown developer having access to your email address isn’t really a good idea, which is why its best to use a throwaway email address when signing up.

Lastly, The developer just appeared out of nowhere, and as such, their credibility and reliability is also a great question.

The emulator currently supports 81 titles, but XDA reports that 73/81 titles count as “supported” for getting to the main menu or will crash at a certain point in a game..

Lastly, the emulator will not work with EVERY phone out there, it is a power-hungry app. To further shorten the number of devices, the emulator only works on the Qualcomm 855, 855+, and 865 Snapdragon chipsets.

This immediately means other SoC manufacturers like Huawei’s Kirin, MediaTek, Samsungs Exynos, and all other SoC won’t work with the emulator.

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