Intel Overtakes AMD in Market Share Amid Raptor Lake Release

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Since many years, AMD CPUs have been displacing Intel from the market, but Alder Lake is now beginning to successfully compete with AMD’s product range. The most current Mercury Research report, which was able to get, shows that AMD’s overall x86 market share decreased as a result of losses in the desktop and laptop categories.

AMD’s market share in the desktop market fell sharply to 13.9% on a quarterly and yearly basis by 6.6 percentage points and 3.1 percentage points, respectively. The largest market share loss occurred on the laptop side, where AMD’s share decreased by 6.3 percentage points from the prior year and from an anticipated 24.8% to 15.7% in only one quarter. Due to these two losses, AMD witnessed a 2.9 percentage point quarterly and 3.9% yearly decline in its overall x86 market share, from 31.4% to 28.5%.

AMD MARKETSHAREQ3/2022Q2/2022Q3/2021
Server17.5%13.9%10.2 %
Total (inc. SoC & IoT)28.5%31.4%32.4%

The server business, though, is often the most lucrative, and AMD is still dominant. They severely decreased Intel’s market share from one quarter to the next by 3.6 percentage points and from one year to the next by 7.3 percentage points. This shows that their share of the whole x86 server market for servers is 17%.

Due to the Genoa platform’s recent release and how competitive it is, we expect AMD to continue to overtake Intel. Genoa outperforms Intel on a price-to-performance ratio despite Intel perhaps winning on a core-to-core basis because of its much greater core count and allegedly superior performance per watt measure.

We anticipate Intel to continue stealing market share from AMD in the desktop and notebook segments as a result of the recent introduction of Raptor Lake, which will build on the efficiency and speed gains brought about by Alder Lake and continue the company’s legacy of offering the highest-performing gaming CPUs available.

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