Android 14 Beta 1 is Now Accessible on All Pixel Devices With Several Enhancements

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Android 14 Beta 1 has officially been made available to the general public by Google, and all compatible Pixel devices are presently receiving the beta update. The great part is that if you are already a participant in the beta program, you do not need to worry since the update will be sent to your device through OTA, so you should start receiving it any moment.

What has changed in Android 14 Beta 1? The Smarter System UI project is the first major initiative that Google discusses. A more noticeable back arrow that is enclosed in a pill with a dynamic color backdrop will be available in the latest version of Android. According to Google, this will make it easier for users to comprehend and effectively utilize the back gesture.

Apps will also be able to add unique actions to the system share sheets with Android 14 Beta 1. We have already discussed this as well. In essence, this functionality produces a share sheet action in relation to any program you have open. As a result, if you open the share sheet in the gallery app as opposed to Microsoft Office or another software, you could get different results.

All applications will be able to have suitable share sheets without creating confusion thanks to this. Considering how the share sheets in all Android versions and OEM skins are a complete mess, this is a little but welcome update.

Moving on, Google has said that the Path API would improve the graphical possibilities available with Android 14 Beta 1. This API intends to offer much better and more reliable tools that will support the creation of vector graphics. Per-app language choices will also be included in the most recent version of Android, as reported in the rumors. You may use this functionality to change the language of the program without altering the language of the whole system.

With the April 2023 security patch, Android 14 Beta 1 is now available for all Android devices that are supported. If you’ve been accepted into the beta program, you may either flash the update now or wait for it to OTA to your phone.

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