Apple AR Specifications Revealed By Analyst, Featuring Dual 4K Displays

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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As of right now, we have Apple’s AR Headset display specs, which a reliable expert disclosed. The well-known display expert Ross Young, who has a very solid track record when it comes to Apple products, provided the display specifications of Apple’s AR Headset.

On the two displays within the headgear, the leaker has disclosed a few internal facts. Even if some of the facts provided by the analyst have previously been covered, overall, the information will offer us a better idea of what to expect the next week.

Young claims that the microLED screen in Apple’s AR Headset will provide improved color fidelity while using less power. It makes logical to utilize parts that require less power because the headset would be battery-powered. Furthermore, according to the expert, the headgear would include two 1.41-inch diagonal screens, one for each eye. Each panel will also be 4K, providing an improved resolution with a 4000-pixel density. The leaker claims that the headset will have a target brightness of 5000 nits and a 4000:1 contrast ratio.

The market will be boosted by Apple’s upcoming augmented reality headset, and businesses like Oculus and Meta will profit from the rivalry. Apple’s AR Headset will not be in high demand, in part due to its astronomical $3,000 price tag. However, Apple is developing a low-cost model of the headset that will target the broad consumer market. Remember that for the time being, these are only rumors and leaks, and Apple has the last say.

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