Apple Is Rapidly Developing its AI-based Services, Shows Hiring

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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There’s only room for people who work with AI when the economy is unclear and big tech companies are firing people left and right. AI is all the rage right now, after all, and big companies don’t want to fall behind. So, Apple is doing what other tech companies have done and has opened 176 new jobs linked to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

According to Pocket-lint, 68 of these jobs are in the Siri department, 52 will work with iOS, and 46 will be linked to macOS. In other jobs, you’ll have to work with more than one thing.

Apple is also not keeping this a secret. During Apple’s most recent earnings call, a company representative said that the company is taking AI seriously and with care. Sources on the inside say that Apple has limited how AI apps can be used so that private information doesn’t get out.

Apple already has a special event planned for June 5 that will be about AR/VR, but we might also hear something about AI.

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