Apple VP Confirms Development on Mac Pro, Rumored to Feature M2 Ultra SoC

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Apple is progressively switching all of its Mac models to its own silicon. The Cupertino firm has successfully transitioned from Intel to its own M-series CPUs over the last several years. In addition to having increased CPU and GPU capabilities, these bespoke chips also use less power, which prolongs battery life.

But as of yet, Apple hasn’t released a new Mac Pro with an M-series CPU. The company’s VP of worldwide marketing made a suggestion that a Mac Pro is still in development and may eventually use its formidable M2 Ultra processor.

In an interview, the question of whether Apple would follow its planned path to switch the whole Mac series to Apple Silicon was posed to the company’s marketing chief, Bob Borchers (including the Mac Pro). The corporation will proceed with its intentions and fully sell Macs with its own processors, Borchers acknowledges and advises.

We have already heard information about the Apple silicon Mac Pro. According to current rumors, the device won’t be user-upgradable and will resemble our known Intel version more or less exactly. The M2 Ultra processor from Apple will power the Mac Pro’s internals. Since the M2 Ultra processor uses unified memory, the Mac Pro’s RAM cannot be upgraded by the user. This indicates that because the RAM is a component of the chipset, updating it is almost difficult.

Also, there have been earlier rumours that Apple could decide against equipping the Mac Studio with an M2 Ultra processor because of how close it is to the impending Mac Pro. There are no definite launch dates in sight at this time. But we believe Apple will decide to unveil the Mac Pro later this year.

Brochers spoke about power efficiency and how their wearable may benefit from longer battery life in addition to the Apple silicon Mac Pro. As soon as further information becomes available, we will update this post.

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