Apple to Develop In-House Screens by 2024, Reducing its Dependency on Suppliers

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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For mobile products like the iPhone and Apple Watch, starting in 2024, Apple aims to utilize bespoke screens that it creates in-house, according to Bloomberg. Apple will be able to depend less on its display partners, which include Samsung and LG, as a result of the switch to its own screens.

At the end of 2024, Apple will launch the high-end Apple Watch Ultra, which will have microLED display technology. Apple will add microLED panels to the iPhone and other devices after debuting them in the Apple Watch. Although Apple will likely design the screens, they will most likely be made by an independent vendor.

Apple’s Watch Ultra

Bloomberg reports that Apple is pursuing a “sweeping effort” to produce more of its own parts for iPhones, iPads, and Macs in order to reduce the number of third-party component suppliers it has to deal with. For its iPhones, iPads, and Macs, Apple is now developing its own A-series and M-series CPUs. In addition, the company is working on modem chips and other wireless chips that will enable it to sever its ties to suppliers like Qualcomm and Broadcom.

Although there were technological obstacles to be addressed, the business originally intended to switch to microLED screens as early as 2020. Apple intended to employ microLED for bigger panels as well, but for financial reasons, chose to concentrate on the Apple Watch first. The changeover is one of Apple’s most “important initiatives,” according to reports, and the company has invested several billion dollars in developing display technology.

Bloomberg cautions that the 2024 target date may ultimately slide to 2025, or if manufacturing issues persist, a restricted initial supply of the new gadgets may be made available. In 2023, Apple Watch will get a makeover, but there won’t be many new features.

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