Apple Rumored to Introduce Watch X For its Wearable’s 10th Anniversary

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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To commemorate the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, Apple released the iPhone X back in 2017. According to a recent source, Apple may decide to release the Apple Watch X this year rather than the Series 9. This is quite similar to what the business accomplished in 2017 with the iPhone.

The Apple Watch X may be introduced instead of the Apple Watch 9, according to a hazy rumour from iPhoneSoft. The business had planned to introduce the iPhone 9 back in 2017 but decided against it in favour of introducing the iPhone X to mark the tenth anniversary of smartphones. Therefore, if the rumour is true, Apple will utilise the “X” branding on the Apple Watch when it launches later this year.

Apple is Also Rumored to Introduce watchOS 10 With Improved Features

The rumour also states that watchOS 10 will be available when the Apple Watch X debuts. To commemorate the wearable’s ten-year anniversary since its introduction in 2015, the Apple Watch X should be unveiled in 2025. Furthermore, there are no reports describing the wearable’s likely introduction this year. Be aware that the business will present the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro with the Apple Watch Series 9 this year. However, this year’s design alterations should be minimal.

Along with the basic Apple Watch Series 8, Apple debuted the new Apple Watch Ultra last year. The Ultra has a tough build intended for trainers and elite athletes. Although the ordinary versions had the same look as the Series 8, they were jam-packed with internal enhancements. If Apple did introduce the new model, the existing Apple Watch models would have to be used in its stead. Stay tuned for updates as we will keep you guys informed.

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