Apple Plans to Launch Base Variants of the iPhone 15 Cheaper than iPhone 14

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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According to a trustworthy leaker, Apple is apparently thinking about making the iPhone 15 less expensive than the iPhone 14. They claimed that both the smaller iPhone 15 and the larger iPhone 15 Plus will be eligible for the price reductions.

Since Apple arranges the release of its phones years in advance, it seems unlikely that the company will alter its plans for the iPhone 15 Plus. However, Apple is “seriously” considering decreasing the price. For just $200 more than the base model iPhone 14 Plus, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which has the same screen size as the iPhone 14 Plus and starts at $899, adds a number of features. These features include an A16 processor, a ProMotion display with Dynamic Island, a telephoto lens, and a stainless-steel body.

According to Yeux1122, it is “extremely likely” that Apple will lower the price of the iPhone 15 Plus. Apple is thinking of significantly reducing the price of the iPhone 15 Plus from the $900+ level of its predecessor.

According to a post by yeux1122 on Naver (translated), the flagging sales of the iPhone 14 Plus are “far beyond” even Apple’s lowest estimates and Apple is considering new strategies with the iPhone 15 to reverse the trend.

Apple plans its phone releases years in advance, so it’s unlikely to cancel its plans for the iPhone 15 Plus. However, Apple is “seriously” considering a price reduction. Yyeux1122 has a decent track record for leaks, accurately predicting the iPhone 14 Pro’s price, chip, and colors, as well as the 10th-gen iPad’s design changes and release date. “


Apple’s attempt to release a smaller or larger 4th edition of the iPhone isn’t quite succeeding. After the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini both had such poor sales, the company made the decision to remove the little model from its portfolio and pursue the opposite tactic of a larger basic model. Right now, it appears like the Plus model hasn’t fared any better than the tiny.

Long-term, the company could benefit more from sticking with its three main models, basic, Pro, and Pro Max. The debate centres on whether the Pro Max/Ultra model would get more features than the Pro.

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