Apple Vision Pro “Flex Cable” Surfaces On eBay At a Expensive Price Tag

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Although the Apple Vision Pro isn’t yet officially accessible, its rumored components have begun to surface online ahead of the device’s anticipated arrival in early 2024.

Given that the product being offered merely consists of a ribbon cable and two connectors at the end, the asking price of $80 for the Apple Vision Pro flex cable on eBay seems outrageous. For some reason, the vendor claims that the flex cable is a part of the LCD panels on the AR headset, however the Vision Pro really contains two microLEDs, not LCDs, as advertised in Apple’s marketing materials.

Regardless of whether the vendor made a mistake, someone considering spending $80 on cable would feel more at ease knowing that the seller had a 100% positive feedback rating.

The vendor said that the flex cable was fully new and unused, thus it is probable that the person had to be in very good standing with Apple’s extensive supply chain to be able to get this, even if the item is no longer for sale since someone has already acquired it.

These listings may also indicate that, in addition to the Apple Vision Pro flex cable, future listings from the vendor may include additional components for the AR headset.

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