Best ARK Server Hosting Providers in 2020

Dan Westrop
Dan Westrop
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Playing on a slow server is not fun at all, especially on a game like ARK where every split second counts. That’s why it’s important to find the best ARK server hosting providers.

As you know, we have been building up a list of the best server hosting providers for many video games such as Rust, and Garrys Mod. Now we have another in-depth review for you! This time, we have compared and contrasted the seven most popular gaming servers available for ARK.

In order to find the best server hosting for ARK we had to conduct many tests, this meant going out and finding the best-reviewed hosts, then buying a server from each one so we can write a true and honest review.

Each host has gone through the following tests

  • Server speed and reliability
  • Price per server slot
  • Stress testing under load
  • Population tests
  • The server support and response time
  • Time and ease of setup
  • Reviews

How to find the best ARK hosting

Platform: if you’re a PC, Xbox, or PS4 player, you can choose to rent a server for Ark. however, you must know that the servers for one type of console do not support players from another console. So PS4 players cannot play with Xbox or PC players.

Quality of Global server options: With gamers located all over the world, you need to choose a company whose server locations are spread out. You need to make sure your server can handle an influx of players from around the world. Since you’re going to play with your friends, online or real, that are located around the world, or you’re a twitch streamer that invites their viewers to play with them, then the best option for your needs is a company with a lot of servers and the ability to location switch.

Support – The best type of support is 24/7 and can be reached by email, ticket, or phone support.

Player slots: The minimum player slots for a game like Ark requires at least 20 player slots to make the game more exciting and not feel like you are only playing with the NPCs and the environment

Automatic Server Backup: Just like your computer or phone, a server must back up periodically to protect the information it has from being wiped out. Many server companies, not just gaming companies, back up their servers every day. Resetting the server happens usually in the middle of the night after midnight.

Automatic Update Installation: Nothing is worse than getting ready to play ARK with your closest friends only to find out that there was an update in the middle of the night. Now you and your friends have to wait for the update to the game or server to complete. Automatic updates start downloading as soon as the server receives them, so there’s no need to wait.

All mods/DLC supported: As companies come out with additional content for the ARK games, we must know if a service company can handle the new maps and content. Some companies just run the basic game with no docs, and other providers can run the docs, the steam version, and allows mods to run on the server.

DDOS protection: Distributed Denial of service is a standard cyberattack method were many individual systems or computers flood a target’s network with traffic, therefore bringing down the target’s connection to the internet.

Price – The price will be based on monthly server costs, both for the month and for the year.

Along with these criteria, we will also inform you of features that each ark server gaming hosting company does and doesn’t have.

Seven Best Ark: Survival Evolved Hosting Providers

Here are the seven companies we shall be judging and comparing. Each company is highly rated on their own, it was a tough decision, however, we have made a fair choice based on the factors mentioned above. Check out the best ARK server hosting companies below

1 – GTX Gaming

GTXGaming Best Ark Hosting

Platforms: PC
Global server locations: USA, Europe, India, Australian, Canada, and Brazil
Support: 24/7 and on weekends and public holidays; also have an option to prioritize your tickets for an additional fee
Player Slots: up to 250
Automatic Server Backup: Every day and offsite
Automatic update installation: Yes
All mods/DLC supported: Yes
DDOS protection: Yes

The primary order screen has many options so you can customize the perfect plan for you. It’s most basic ten slot package is only 9 pounds. You can also select to be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-quarterly, and annually.

Extra Features:
custom control panel, 10-year-old server company,

What GTX doesn’t have:
It’s doesn’t have a chat support system or location switching between servers in other countries, and the refund is only within 24 hours.

2- Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks ARK hosting provider

Platforms: PC
Global server locations: USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Netherlands
Support: 24/7 and give current ticket response speed time on the main site
Player Slots: 20 to 70 players
Automatic Server Backup: No
Automatic update installation: No
All mods/DLC supported: No
DDOS protection: Yes

There is one option, and it’s customizable. The starting price is 16 pounds. And the refund period is seven days. And you have the option to be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-quarterly, and annually.

Extra Features:
Free web hosting and MySQL server, FTP access

What Nitrous networks doesn’t have:
There are only 70 players slots available and doesn’t have email or chat support. And there is no location switching.

3 – Survival Servers

Survival Servers ARK Host


Platforms: PC and PS4
Global server locations: USA, Germany, France
Support: 24/7 but needs at least 12 hours to begin helping
Player Slots: up to 255
Automatic Server Backup: Yes and server restarts daily
Automatic update installation: No
All mods/DLC supported: No
DDOS protection: yes

The starting price is at $16.88 for 20 slots. It also has the option to be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-quarterly, and annually. This is also one of the best ark server hosting for PS4

Extra features:
Customer Control Panel, FTP access, location switching, server passlock, one-click install

What Survival Servers doesn’t have:
There is not email or chat support and a 24-hour refund window.

4 – Server Blend

Serverblend ARK hosting provider


Platforms: PC
Global server locations: USA, Canada, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, Australia,
Support: 24/7 and also through Skype
Player Slots: starts at 30 up to 100
Automatic Server Backup: Yes
Automatic update installation: Yes
All mods/DLC supported: Yes
DDOS protection: Yes

There are two options available, and both start with 30 player slots. The standard starts at $18, and the premium begins at $30. It also has the option to be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-quarterly, and annually.

It also offers a 14-day refund based on satisfaction.

Extra Features:
Choose your server’s hardware, Instant setup, FTP Access, Location switching, low latency network

What Server Blend doesn’t have:
The player slots stop at 100.

5 – Host Havoc

Host Havoc Rust


Platforms: PC
Global server locations: USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, France
Support: 24/7 with a response time of less than 15mins
Player Slots: 30 to 100 players
Automatic Server Backup: No
Automatic update installation: Yes
All mods/DLC supported: Yes
DDOS protection: Yes

Each player costs $0.50 to add to the beginning 30 slot price, which is $15. And you have the option to be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-quarterly, and annually.

Extra Features:
FTP access, Server Command Line Manager

What Host Havoc doesn’t have
You cannot switch server locations, and player slots stop at 100. And there refund period is only for three days.

6 – Streamline Servers

Streamline Servers ARK hosting company


Platforms: PC
Global server locations: 10 countries worldwide
Support: Yes through a ticket system
Player Slots: 20-125 slots
Automatic Server Backup: No
Automatic update installation: No
All mods/DLC supported:
DDOS protection: Yes

A basic 20 slot package is $22.50. More ram, slots, and a higher CPU speed can be added for a price. It also has the option to be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-quarterly, and annually.

More features:
Instant Installation, Low ping servers, one-click installation, and FTP access

What Streamline-Servers doesn’t have:
Only a 48 hours refund window and no location switching, No email or chat support

Now, this is a complete breakdown of what you need to know about each of these best ARK hosting providers. Every company follows the same formula when it comes to pricing. You can customize the player slots, CPU speed, Server Name and connection, server location, and hard disk option, all for a price.

Note: You need to check on the support speed of your chosen gaming server. Within the first day and during your free trial, file two support claims. Make one for the ticketing service on the server, and the other one should be by phone. This will show you the response times or the email support and how quickly you can get a hold of a person by phone.

To find the best ark server hosting that is right for you, you have to know what features will be the most influential to your gameplay. Some people may need global servers, some will need 50+ player slots for all of their friends or guildmates, while other people’s most significant concern will be price.

Now, if you’ve never had a gaming server before, and you don’t know how to set them up or configure their control panels, you will be fine. All servers have a tutorial you can go through to familiarize yourself with the ups and downs of using their control panels.

Let’s go over why you need a gaming server when you play ARK

Whether you’re playing for hours on your PC, Xbox, or PS4 Ark: Survival Evolved is an open world, survival-based sandbox-style, MMORPG game that eats up your consoles’ resources. From overworking the heatsink, to constantly fluctuating the rate of latency, and straining your graphics card, running high-quality graphics while playing Ark is no easy feat for a console or PC to do.

First, when you use a server to run Ark or any other video game, you can change the gameplay and settings beyond what the game companies servers allow you to do. Customization is vital to those players who feel frustrated with Ark’s traditional gameplay and wish for a harder, easier, or more exciting experience.

Second, as you’re using your host server to play Ark, you will notice that lag is significantly reduced, even if the total number of player slots your server allows is in full use. It’s because you now have a private connection to your game that isn’t continually loading environments and interacting with thousands of other players. Even if you have players from all over the world in your server, the latency will still stay low compared to the game’s central servers, so those who you have invited can enjoy a smooth Ark experience.

In this game, you must fight or tame ancient creatures and use them to battle other creatures, attack or collaborate with players, gather supplies like food, water, tools as well as establish a shelter to protect yourself from the weather and the environment. Rendering detail-heavy environments and objects can lower the speed of your connection and stall systems that aren’t top of the line. Latency or ping issues have always been one of the most frustrating aspects of online gaming.

 A third reason to use a gaming server while playing is private and control. Ark is an intense game that is time-consuming. If you play on your server, then you don’t have to worry about other players ruining your experience. You can also choose to invite those people that you want to play Ark with and kick out anyone who is spoiling your server’s atmosphere.

Performance, privacy, and latency are all critical factors that will improve when you use a gaming server. Overall, an improved experience is vital to all gamers, no matter what console or game they play.

Final Decision

After reviewing all of the companies about and weighing each of their features they do and don’t have, we here at Gadget Gang have chosen our winning Ark best-hosting server.

First Choice:

It’s GTXGaming! With all of it’s standard and extra features for its unbelievable price, GTXGaming is worth every dollar and then some more. The deciding factor that convinced us it is the best choice was the high review scores given to it by the reviewers at Trustpilot. Their company is dependable and has been in the gaming server industry for more than 10 years, therefore making it one of the oldest gaming server providers on the market today. Plus, its customers report that server latency is consistently low, even during peak times. It also has an excellent customer service track record. GTXGaming is known to have a fast support system, and their speed for fixing their customer’s problems is one primary reason why they are so trusted.

Second Choice:

If you have looked over the stats for GTXGaming and realized it’s not right for you, we have included an alternative server provider that is nearly as great as our first choice. It’s Nitrous Networks! Because it has a 14-day refund policy, you have more time to experiment with the Ark game and customize the server exactly the way you like it before you decide to continue with its service.

The main reason we did not pick Nitrous Networks for the #1 spot is that it’s more expensive than GTX, and it can only maintain 100 player slots on its servers while GTX can maintain 250.

Thank you so much for using our in-depth guide to decide the best ARK server hosting provider. We are dedicated to creating guides that will improve our reader’s lives and their gameplay too. If we do the hard research and figure out which hosting is best for you, you’ll have more time to play your games! Please browse our website to discover more of our in-depth guides and interesting articles.

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