Brightseed raises $27 million to help unlock the potential health benefits of plants

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As millions of consumers around the world make the switch to plant-based alternatives as part of their daily food intake, the overall health benefits of plants is still largely unknown. Brightseed, a biosciences and Artifical Intelligence company, launched by former Hampton Creek head of research and development, Jim Flatt, now looks to decode the health potential of plants, allowing humans to gain the maximum health benefits from natural sources using a combination of A.I and biomedical processes.

Having partnered with Danone North America, Brightseed has also recently announced that the companies funding has increased by $27 million, providing them with a total funding of $52 million.

The company is using artificial intelligence named Forager, which is groundbreaking in its field, and the primary driving force behind the companies investment.

Jim Flatt: “What forager can do is really help create what we’ll call a virtuous cycle, to incentivize adoption of a more biodiverse food supply chain and to move towards more regenerative agricultural practices, and we do this by revealing the hidden qualities or benefits of some of these lesser known crops, and highlighting why they can be of greater value and tell a story,”.

Brightseed also has industry leaders within their ranks, such as former co-CEO of Wholefoods Market, Walter Robb, and Indra Nooti, former CEO of PepsiCo.

Brightseed have already made pivotel discoveries, such as a phytonutrient – a substance plants create in order to shield themselves against pathogens and to support their growth cycles. To Humans, this substance could be crucial in supporting metabolic health. Less than 1% of phytonutrients have been discovered, but scientists believe they have the potential to aid billions of people worldwide.

Brightseed will use the new capital in order to fund further research and development.

Dr Jim Flatt said: “We’re in an unprecedented public health crisis, and people are looking for plant-based products that will contribute to a healthier life. With millions of phytonutrients hidden in plants, it’s crucial that we discover these compounds and understand how they help us. Much like mapping the human genome opened up a new era for medicine, using Forager™ AI to map the connections between plants and people is one of the most exciting new frontiers of science.”

While Brightseed looks to enhance its work in the field, its still evident that the real health benefits of plants is still largely unknown, but with more funding in the future, companies like Brightseed will be able to provide us with more knowledge on natural remedies and foods, allowing consumers to make more informed lifestyle choices at the very least.

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