Control could finally be coming to the Xbox Game Pass in December 2020

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Ever since its 2019 release, fans have speculated that Control would make its way to the Xbox Game Pass program but alas many of the rumors would be squashed. However, the recent tweets from the official Twitter could indicate the possibility of the event happening as all the telltale signs are right there.

Control finally coming to the Xbox Game Pass

Control was a very anticipated game in 2019 and rightfully so. Coming from the brilliant minds behind Alan Wake, Quantum Break and the first two Max Payne games, the game had an immense impression on gamers with its great setting, atmosphere and other details that make a Remedy game.

After its release, rumors were a flood with many speculating that the title would quickly make its way to the Xbox Game Pass Program, and while there were a few incidents that slipped past the cracks that hinted as such, nothing ever really happened.

According to a new tweet from the official Xbox Game Pass account, the handle shared a cryptic email that shares two of the known markings of Control.

The iconic red light that guides the players in the game and the REDACTED are all classic elements in the world Control due to all the confidentiality attached to the game world and its documents.

Anyone who has played the game will know that REDACTED is a common occurring theme in the games collectibles and other documents. In addition, the red light is also synonymous with other elements in the game which would dwell into spoiler territory.

Control is without a doubt one of the best games of 2019 for fans of Remedy’s story telling. The two succeeding DLC’s – The Foundation and AWE were also greatly received and added quite a bit of potential for a sequel but a possible revival for another forgotten Remedy title which is also a fan requested favorite.

We already know that Remedy is hard at work behind closed doors on their next big game, but whether that will revisit the world of Jesse Faden or our favorite writer, is still the big mystery.

What are your thoughts on the potential of the game finally coming to the program? Let us know in the comments section below!

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