Here is a Look At Dummy Units of the iPhone 15 Pro Showcasing Expected Changes

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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A video was released on the Chinese social networking site Weibo and shared by a leaker on Twitter, albeit it is still unclear what design Apple will choose. The video displays a manufacturing mold of the iPhone 15 Pro, revealing intriguing and even contradictory information that we have learned before about the device. It can be observed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Ultra has a single, extended Volume button in a newly published video of a fake device.

The volume buttons on the newest factory mold footage of the iPhone 15 Pro look to be divided, much as they are on the current iPhone 14 series. A single extended Volume button will be included on the iPhone 15 Pro versions, according to earlier rumors.

In addition, the factory mold for the iPhone 15 Pro displays an Action button above the Volume buttons. On the ‘Pro’ versions, Apple wants to replace the mute switch with an action button similar to the one on the Apple Watch Ultra.

The button may be programmable, like the Apple Watch Ultra. A protruding camera plateau, three sensors, and buttons are the only distinguishing features of the iPhone 15 Pro production mold. On the device’s rear, there also seems to be an etched MagSafe marking. Additionally, the ‘Pro‘ versions come with USB-C as well, however a USB-C port cannot be shown in the movie if there is one.

We are viewing mockup units and production molds of the iPhone 15 Pro, illustrating what consumers may anticipate for later this year.

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