EU Putting Pressure On Companies Like Apple to Make Batteries Easily Replaceable

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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The EU is pressuring businesses to create batteries that are readily detachable in order to streamline the laborious process of replacing batteries. The legislation will not go into force for some years, which is the sole problem.

587 members of the European Parliament voted to alter an earlier legislation to require that all gadgets be provided with readily replaceable batteries. The word “easily” may be interpreted differently by different people, and what may seem very challenging to someone replacing a smartphone battery for the first time may seem simple to someone who has done it many times.

Fortunately, the EU has addressed this issue in detail, stressing that changing batteries shouldn’t need tools and speculating that detachable backs could come back. However, bear in mind that only territories that are part of the EU will be impacted by this regulation, which won’t go into force until 2027. We must wait and watch if smartphone designs from manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are altered in light of the new legislation.

The incorporation of readily detachable backs will result in such handsets losing their water resistance unless a well considered design is made, therefore one has to be cautious of that. Even then, these businesses have plenty of time on their hands since the regulation won’t take effect until 2027, giving them three and a half more years to begin redesigning their products for EU member states.

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