Forza Players are Randomly Receiving 30 Year Long Bans

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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Forza Community Team has been banning players left and right for no reason at all. The banwave started after the update 30, after which players were unable to log into their accounts. 30 years is a long time, especially for a video game franchise. If you start counting games that have been around for over 30 years, you’ll have spare fingers on your hand. So, it’s equivalent to a lifetime ban.

A message from Forza Community
A message from Forza Community banning a player till 2050

For most of the players, the Forza Community Team has not provided any reason as to why they were banned. Most of the users who reached out to the Forza Support team have received form responses. Some were even told that “There is no appeal process.” User u/WhatDoesAFAIKMean on Reddit had the following to say: “They claimed I cheated. Said I got 700+ million credits unaccounted for. I only have 200 million though. Never cheated. 1750+ hours into the game.”

Furthermore, credits don’t even affect the multiplayer aspect of Forza. You can only use them in the singleplayer mode. Here is a thread where other players confirm random bans:

Comment from discussion .

According to this video, there’s a new automated anticheat system that’s banning players. Unfortunately, the anti-cheat system is simply not up to the mark.

If you were banned from your Forza account as well, you can submit a support ticket here. However, there is no guarantee it will be answered. Several players have said that it took them 3-4 tickets just to get in touch with a human. And even if you do, there is no guarantee your ban will be revoked.

Another Reddit user said “Tbh if they banned my account for doing absolutely nothing wrong I would be done with the franchise, their support and social media support are a complete joke.”

The official twitter handles of Forza and Forza support have nothing to say on the subject. In fact, the issues hasn’t even been discussed or officialy acknowledged yet.

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