Gigabyte RTX 4070 Listing Reveals Three Different Variants

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Gigabyte RTX 4070 Ti Lineup

Gigabyte has announced a number of their upcoming GeForce RTX 4070 graphics cards in a range of VRAM configurations with capacities up to 16 GB. The six cards come in memory configurations of 10GB, 12GB, and 16GB and are labelled as part of its GeForce RTX 4070 family of graphics cards (depending on the model). The GPUs indicated are components of the GeForce RTX 4070 non-Ti graphics card, which is scheduled to debut in April.

The six new SKUs may not be on the final list since the website still lists the previously cancelled NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 12GB graphics card. The list of graphics cards is also a component of a “game bundle giveaway” that started in January and will likely continue until the end of this month. The only information made public, apart from the memory requirements, is that the business could be announcing an RTX 4070 non-Ti graphics card soon.

The listed graphics cards that were found posted are:

  • Gigabyte RTX 4070 AORUS Master 12GB (model GV-N4070AORUS M-12GD)
  • Gigabyte RTX 4070 AORUS Master 12GB (model GV-N4070AORUS M-12GD)
  • Gigabyte RTX 4070 EAGLE OC 12GB (model GV-N4070EAGLE OC-12GD)
  • Gigabyte RTX 4070 GAMING OC 10GB (model GV-N4070GAMING OC-10GD)
  • Gigabyte RTX 4070 GAMING OC 12GB (model GV-N4070GAMING OC-12GD)
  • Gigabyte RTX 4070 GAMING OC 16GB (model GV-N4070GAMING OC-16GD)

The AD104-250/251 GPU core is anticipated to be included in the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070. There seem to be three PCB boards developed for the GeForce RTX 4070 graphics cards, two of which we had pointed out last month and another has been published by Kopite7kimi. The GPU will have 5888 CUDA cores and 12 GB of GDDR6X VRAM clocked at 21 Gbps. As stated below, two of them are for the reference cards and one is for the Founders Edition.

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