Google’s Pixel 8 Lineup Will Have Camera Hardware Changes With Staggered HDR Support

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Pixel 7 family | Image: Google

For their impressive cameras, the Pixel phones are well-known. Even the recently released Pixel 7 Pro was highly received, with reviews applauding the device’s camera in particular. Although the camera technology of Google’s next Pixel phone is still unknown, a new leak implies that there could be some hardware alterations.

Kuba Wojciechowski, a well-known developer and tipper, claims that the next Pixel 8 may offer staggered HDR. When Wojciechowski looked through the Google Camera Go app’s code, he discovered references to the brand-new HDR function.

The Samsung GN2 sensor, which is used by high-end smartphones like the Mi 11 Ultra, is one recent example of a camera sensor that supports staggered HDR. As the Samsung GN1 found on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series lacks functionality for staggered HDR, the Pixel 8 may come with a new main camera sensor.

Staggered HDR Support Will Ensure Enhanced Camera Performance

Staggered HDR is essentially a technique for capturing a larger range of brightness levels in a single image. This is accomplished by blending many exposures of the same scene at various exposures into a single picture. The final picture is more realistic and dynamic because there is more detail in both the highlights and the shadows. When the brightness range of the picture is more than what a single exposure can fully capture, this approach is helpful.

Fans should anticipate a brand-new camera sensor in the Pixel 8 series, although HDR performance may not necessarily be much enhanced. This is due to the fact that HDR photographs are already produced by the Pixel 7 phones. However, adopting staggered HDR could result in more reliable camera performance in a range of scenarios.

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