Halo Goes Free-To-Play!

Alexander Folly
Alexander Folly
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Rumors have been circling like crazy around the internet regarding Microsoft’s new title Halo Infinite, and its multiplayer. First reported by The Verge, they claimed that the title’s multiplayer would come Free-To-Play and at 120fps! It was a dream many gamers held onto.

To finally quell the rumors, Microsoft announced that Halo Infinite will indeed have free multiplayer at all one hundred and twenty of the suspected frames. The news broke to a frantic race to find out more about the nature of the multiplayer.

With the title already shaping up to be a huge hit to the nostalgia of Halo 1’s aesthetic, a drop of open-world elements sprinkled in, and a story causing a wildfire of speculation on forums all over the web, Halo has now burst its way into hype train territory.

A Departure from Halo – For the Better?

Halo Infinite Gameplay Showcase 2019

Ever since the trailer of Infinite’s gameplay dropped, fans have been picking apart the differences that this new installment is bringing to Halo. It’s no secret that 343 Industries, the developers of Halo, are actively pursuing an evolution to the franchise.

Now they have delivered a free to play Halo multiplayer, something never seen before. Speculation about the nature of the monetization around the game mode are already circling the internet, and many believe a heavy focus on seasonal content and cosmetic rewards will be woven in.

In a recent report, 343 stated that the player customization will be on the same level as Halo Reach. A fan favorite for its cosmetic options. However, no doubt with a bit of next-gen flair.

When Can we Play the Multiplayer?

Master Chief is back!

It has been confirmed that the Halo Infinite multiplayer will be playable in 2020, and a public beta is coming just around the corner. 343 has not been clear on what they are testing, although no doubt feedback will be deafening regardless of their intentions.

There is a large marketing push building up for the game, and no doubt soon it will unleash onto Youtube videos and Twitch streams all over the internet.

A recent recap also highlighted the Halo franchise as a whole, and showed a rough roadmap for how 343 will be tackling the near future. Including even talking about the future of Halo Esports.

Are you excited for the coming Free-To-Play Halo?

Throw a sticky on the comment section below, and tell us if you’ll be jumping in when the beta drops sometime this year!

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