Intel Arc A750 Being Sold at Just $100 by a Japanese Retailer, Performance Similar to RTX 3060

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Image: Intel

Arc A750 Limited Edition graphics cards from Intel have just been reduced in price to $250 US, but Japanese shops are now offering an even better discount.

Given its excellent value at $250 US, the Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition graphics card is already quite competitive with the GeForce RTX 3060 and Radeon RX 6600. The card has incredible potential for use in gaming and content development. Although the drivers are undoubtedly improving, there is still a lot that can be optimized with this generation of Arc graphics cards.

With that stated, the Arc A750 Limited Edition graphics card from Intel is now available at a brand-new discount via the Japanese shop KOUBOU nipponba. The merchant has a number of cards in store that are offered for the astounding price of 19,800 Japanese Yen, which equals $150 US. This raises the value proposition of this card to new heights and is $100 US less expensive than the A750 LE’s new price.

No bookings are allowed, only one card is sold per customer, and all purchases must take place in-store. At this price, the Arc A750 is unbeatable for gamers in Japan, so you should absolutely give it a try. As of February 11th, the sales have already begun (Japan local time).

Along with the graphics card, you will also receive two complimentary games Nightingale and The Settlers New Allies worth a combined $99 US, as well as five artistic software programs. The Intel Arc A750 is a remarkably innovative graphics card given its new price point.

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