Intel’s 14th Generation Desktop “Meteor Lake” Processors May Get Cancelled

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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The “13th generation” of Intel CPUs, code-named Raptor Lake, was unveiled this year. Only the K-SKUs were available at the time; the budget lineup would be available in two weeks. All of that is great, however we have occasionally encountered Meteor Lake’s14th generation.” There are also rumours that Intel is preparing to update Raptor Lake, which is expected to appear in Q3 2023.

CPUs made with Meteor Lake vary somewhat from those made with Skylake. First of all, they will use 3D chip stacking and Intel’s patented Foveros packaging technique. A new Redwood Cove and Crestmont architecture for the P and E cores, respectively, were also anticipated. These would have been the company’s first CPUs produced on the Intel 4 process.

The desktop part of MTL-S, or Meteor Lake, is allegedly cancelled, according to Raichu on Twitter. Given that Meteor Lake was expected to bring about several architectural and platform modifications, this is a startling and significant assertion.

According to Wild_C in the same discussion, the 22 Core high-end SKU for the 6+16 Tile CPU may be the only one that gets cancelled. It’s possible that Intel may still use the affordable Meteor Lake CPUs in its next offerings. We should reiterate that Meteor Lake for mobile is undoubtedly still coming as scheduled. After reading the responses, another hunch is that the high-end MTL-S CPUs may not have much space after the Raptor Lake upgrade.

Given that the majority of these items won’t be available to us for another year or more, all of these leaks should be treated with caution. In the next several months, things could alter.

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