Apple’s iPad Pro to Experience a “Major Revamp” in 2024

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Apple's iPad Pro

Since the launch of the current-generation design language in 2018, the iPad Pro series has seen a few small updates, but other than that, not much has changed. However, a recent source suggests that this may soon change as Apple prepares a “major iPad Pro revamp” for the next year.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes in the most recent issue of his Power On newsletter that this year will be a “light year” for the iPad lineup. Gurman claims that neither “anything of note” for the iPad Pro nor “major updates” for the iPad Air, iPad Mini, or entry-level iPad should be anticipated.

However, things start to become more interesting as we approach 2024. According to Gurman, Apple is getting set to launch a “significant redesign for the iPad Pro” in the spring. This change should provide both a “new design” and the first upgrade to OLED panels.

I don’t see any major updates coming in 2023 to the entry-level models, the iPad mini or the Air. The iPad Pro for sure isn’t getting anything of note this year. Instead, look for a major iPad Pro revamp next spring, complete with an updated design and OLED screens for the first time.

Mark Gurman

We’ve lately heard a variety of speculations about the potential design of this next iPad Pro. According to rumours, Apple may change the iPad Pro’s current metal unibody design to one with a glass back. Apple’s intention to switch the iPad Pro to OLED panels as early as next year is also not new information. According to a recent forecast by analyst Ross Young, an OLED MacBook Air and the first OLED iPad Pro are expected to make their debuts in 2024.

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