Kingdom Come: Deliverance is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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Yes, you heard that right. The game that gave nightmares to PC and Xbox One on release, thanks to its everlasting thirst for resources, is coming to Nintendo Switch.

The game has been listed on the Switch ‘Release Schedule’ page of Nintendo’s official website in Japan. Scroll down to February 18 and you will see “キングダムカム・デリバランス ロイヤルエディション” listed, which is “Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition” in Japanese. Or you can simply translate the entire website and look for “Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition”.

According to the official listing, the game will be distributed on Switch by DMM Games, the same publisher who distributed the PS4 version of Kingdom Come Deliverance in Japan. u/riap0526 on Reddit dug around the internet and fount that Famitsu, a well regarded Gaming magazine in Japan, also suggested that Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch.

However, the official Kingdom Come: Deliverance Japanese website and Twitter haven’t say anything about Switch version yet, so maybe this is an error. In fact, Nintendo did list two games that were coming to Wii U but later claimed it was an error.

“*Banjo-Kazooie’s Adventure” and “Blast Dozer” have been posted as Wii U software delivered on December 30, 2020, but they will not be delivered. We apologize for the correction”

So let’s not get our hopes up. And even if this rumour is true, the game will be quite likely a Japan exclusively, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably not in Japan.

You see, Kingdom Come: Deliverance came out if fried the PCs with its thirst for power. The game was so poorly optimized that it can be compared to Cyberpunk 2077, so there’s no way the game will run natively on Switch. But games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Control and Resident Evil 7 were also pretty demanding but they’re on Switch, thanks to Nintendo Cloud Streaming.

Unforunately, Nindtendo Cloud Streaming Service is only availabe in Japan (Except for Control), so Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Switch could be a Japan exclusive.

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