GamingLEAK: Bully 2 ScreenShots Leaked on the Internet

    LEAK: Bully 2 ScreenShots Leaked on the Internet


    Two fresh Bully 2 screenshots were leaked on 4Chan. The original poster found the screenshots on the Bully 2 discord server.

    Normally, when a screenshot is leaked, it’s a clear cut indication that the game is in its development phase. But the case at hand is not so simple.

    Bully 2 was cancelled for the third time back in 2017 according to Tez2 over at GTA VI forums. When the news went around Reddit, the rumour was confirmed by YAN2295, a Former Rockstar Games insider. According to Tez2, the game was “still in pre-production back in 2015” and the actual development didn’t start until late 2016 or as late as early 2017.

    But before the proper development phase could kick-off, the pace slowed down as Rockstar increased focus on Red Dead Redemption 2 and the fabled GTA VI. Hence, they had to move all the manpower from Bully 2 to more important titles.

    Leaked Bully 2 Screenshot #1
    Leaked Bully 2 Screenshot #1

    Now this is where the problem arises. You see, the leaked screenshots are from pre-production to early development phase, the same phase that was supposed to be going on 2015 to early 2017 before the game was cancelled. So these screenshots could very well be from the cancelled project and they just happen to surface now.

    Leaked Bully 2 Screenshot #2
    Leaked Bully 2 Screenshot #2

    Hence, unlike other leaked screenshots, Bully 2’s leaks are not concrete evidence to the game’s production. Rockstar has never said a word on Bully 2, nither on its development, nor its cancellation.

    On the contrary, if we go on with the belief that all the leaks were true, then Bully 2 could every well be under development at Rockstar games. Red Dead Redemption 2 came out in 2018 and the studio has the capacity to work on two games simultaneously.

    Sarthak Khurana
    Sarthak Khurana
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