Mark Zuckerberg Expected to Resign From His Meta CEO Position Amid Mounting Pressure from Investors

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Image: Bloomberg

The last ten years have been difficult for Meta. As pressure on Mark Zuckerberg grows, the industry have been abuzz with rumours and speculative discussions about the company’s future. The Leak’s information shows that Zuckerberg has made the decision to resign himself. The insider source claims that the choice “will not affect metaverse,” Mark’s multi-billion dollar project that has pulled Meta along with it as the business saw a sharp loss in earnings earlier this year.

Zuckerberg has been eager to aggressively forward with his hazardous plan on the Metaverse his VR gamble that he thinks would pay off in the long run, despite shareholder skepticism and worries, during the year. Investors complained about Zuckerberg’s intention to increase investment in the Metaverse, the Financial Times reported in October.

Given the severe investor pressure, this insider leak makes sense. It may be Zuckerberg’s effort to take responsibility for Metaverse’s disappointing performance, which has seen its stock fall more than 70% from its high. Zuckerberg has already made preparations to fire thousands of workers. This is consistent with a broader pattern in the IT sector and investor concerns over staff expenses.

Zuckerberg’s long-standing rule may be coming to an end as a result of Metaverse’s exaggeration of public interest in virtual escapism, despite the fact that he has successfully resisted similar demands several times over the years.

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