Unknown New Sony Hardware to Drop Prior to PS5 Pro Release, Claims Prominent Leaker

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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New Sony hardware will come before the reported PS5 Pro variant, claims renowned writer and leaker Tom Henderson. Henderson made this statement during his most recent broadcast regarding the postponement of E3, the PSVR2’s sales being fewer than anticipated, and the suspected PS5 Slim/Pro versions.

Henderson explained on Twitter after his recent steam appearance that no reports of this new gear had yet been made. Henderson continued to talk about this new undisclosed Sony gear and the potential price reduction of the current PS5 model as he worked his way down the stream. It’s interesting that the leaker says new Sony gear but omits the word “PlayStation.”

Henderson has definitely given us some intriguing material. As Sony has not confirmed any hardware beyond the present PlayStation 5 model, you should, of course, treat the information above with a grain of salt for the time being. Henderson has so far stated that Sony will introduce a PS5 Pro edition along with a brand-new model with a removable disc drive.

The leaker also allegedly stated that Sony is developing PlayStation Earbuds and a new range of PlayStation headphones. Sony has yet to formally acknowledge any of these.

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