Nintendo “Switch Pro” Will Reportedly Include NVIDIA’s Tegra SoC Based on Samsung’s 5nm Process

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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As new Switch games progressively struggle to squeeze enough performance out of the compact hybrid device, rumors of a successor to the Nintendo Switch have been circulating for some time. Despite all the conjecture, speculations regarding the silicon that would power the next Switch have stayed remarkably steady over the years, but we may have a little update.

The next Nintendo system, according to Korean insider @OreXda, will be powered by a new NVIDIA Tegra processor, which will be created utilizing Samsung’s 5nm 5LPP (5nm Low Power Plus) manufacturing technology. In the past, @OreXda has provided correct leaks mostly related to the mobile sector.

While we currently know very little about the Switch’s replacement’s SoC, a shift to 5nm technology would indicate that the Switch’s successor would use a newer, more power-efficient, and almost definitely more powerful Tegra processor than was previously reported.

The transition to 5nm technology seems plausible in light of recent reports. Reportedly, Nintendo has decided against developing a Switch Pro for the middle of the generation in favor of a truly next-gen system. Of course, in that situation, they’d want to improve the silicon within the device even more.

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