Pixel 7a Teardown Surfaces Online Showcasing Several Improvements

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Given that one YouTuber has access to the most recent mid-range device, Google has done a bad job of keeping the Pixel 7a under wraps. The fact that he uploaded a comprehensive deconstruction video of this model is even more astounding. Let’s talk about some of the fascinating features of the handset, some of which will probably appeal to “right to repair” proponents.

The YouTube channel’s PBKreviews created the disassembly video, making it one of the quickest uploads we’ve ever noticed. Depending on which element you choose to remove first, the Pixel 7a can be pulled down from either side, according to the person, who claims that it is rather simple to disassemble. The whole procedure may begin from the front if the screen has to be replaced, or from the rear if you wish to remove the battery.

As the teardown comes to a climax, we can see that the Pixel 7a has a wireless charging coil and a graphite coating to efficiently disperse heat. The battery cable is likewise simply removed, and after a little delay, you have access to the cell. Although the video demonstrates that it did need some effort to remove the unit, there is also a visible pull tab to aid in prying the battery. For those who are curious, the Pixel 7a has a 4,300mAh battery, however for some reason the branding on the rear says 4,344mAh.

The Tensor G2 is likely one of the parts that Google’s suppliers heated up while facing a tiny load, so adding a ton of copper pads to assist heat transmission on numerous components was a smart move.

Overall, it is simple to open the Pixel 7a and change the display and batteries without any issues. Unfortunately, the voyage is not fully smooth since Google added some “not so easily” replacement potholes on the road. Google gave the breakdown a 7.5 out of 10, which is not bad, but they could have made a few other choices along the way.

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