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Curtis Smith
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Privacy has become one of the most important and apparently the most difficult feature of freedom. We may underestimate the value of our online privacy, but it is worth a lot and is vital for our well-being. Quantis Network understands that privacy is a fundamental human right, and that nobody can take it away from you. Hence, it focuses on harbouring distributed ledger technologies that can help you exercise your right to seclusion and right to speech.

Cyber crimes are no more an uncommon thing and virtually anyone can fall victim to them. According to statistics, most instances of cyber crimes are as a result of the presence of a third party in the transaction process. But with Quantis Network, you can stay assured and carefree as we provide you with an electronic cash system which is complete privacy-enabled. This helps integrate automated monetary policy controls in all transactions and online activities. Creating a secluded environment for monetary transactions completely eliminated the need of a third party which was previously instrumental in facilitating and validating such transactions.

Quantis Network

What QuantisNetwork.org Offers As A Cryptocurrency?

Quantis may sound similar when discussing cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. However, the one feature that sets Quantis apart from its competitors is that it only strives to offer maximum privacy to its customers. They have designed a digital currency that is open-source and free for anyone to mine. It does not need an investment or Initial Coin-Offering(ICO).

All the features offered by Quantis are sustainable and can be availed with so much ease. These features are self-sufficient. Some of the many tools offered by the cryptocurrency include decentralized tools, an anonymous transaction, p2p intranet file-sharing, and several other applications. Quantis believes in creating a trustworthy platform that can be used for communication and secure transactions.

Quantis, when established, was not funded by initial coin-offering; neither was it pre-mined for financial profits. All the resources needed to make the project a success were brought in by the developers. Some features offered by the cryptocurrency are instant transactions and hybrid consensus-mechanism, as well as decentralized tools, self-sustainable & self-sufficient applications, and an open source. As the cryptocurrency is made open source, anyone can mine it and participate in the communication process. Reliability and security are the two most important attributes of Quantis.


How Does It Work?


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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are secure systems that provide a private environment for financial transactions online. They are mainly designed to eliminate the need for a third party. Some advanced technologies like Blockchain technology have also integrated communication tools that give the users a facility to communicate with other users in an anonymous way. Quantis focuses on creating an enhancement which is all about privacy decentralization and privacy. The functionality of a Quantis system is similar to the distributed ledger technology.

To achieve decentralization, Quantis utilizes two consensus mechanisms also known as hybrid consensus mechanisms. Most cryptocurrencies in the market use just a single mechanism. However, Quantis’s usage of two mechanisms to achieve optimum safety is one of the most prominent features of its unique technology.

Validation of transactions is done with PoS (Proof-of-Stake) and PoW (Proof-of-Work). These mechanisms help achieve total centralization from miners. Quantis implements master nodes that keep the task of validation going continuously for 24 hours a day. They are also used to supplement the rewards that are obtained under the Proof-of-Stake model. A person can operate a master node only when he/she stores 5000 Quans as collateral to the process.




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In addition to providing users with the fundamental right of speech and privacy, Quantis always tries to come up with benefits that are best for their clients.

Here are some of the many benefits you can get by using the cryptocurrency:

Decentralization: Quantis has been developed in the form of open source code. This enables anyone to use it without any Initial Coin-Offering or investing a particular investment. Whoever wishes to mine it can do so very easily. No authority or management body control Quantis. Hence, no one can decide who is fit to mine the currency and who is not. Decentralization is the biggest benefit of the cryptocurrency offered by Quanti Network.

Privacy: Privacy is a right which can be achieved only when you defend it yourself. If you expect total privacy in the cyber world, you must work for it yourself. Quantis has given all such free spirits a platform to utilize an environment with the ultimate privacy. The elaborate cryptography by Quantis allows all the users to communicate as well as make transactions, and even share their data in a secure and private setting.

Innovation: We harbour the most high-tech and innovative solutions to achieve our ultimate goal of privacy. Quantis believes that information ought to be free and we should work for it. Our skilled developers have taken remarkable steps to enhance user security.

What Is The Future Of QUAN?

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Quan is a new product in the market right now. Due to its low popularity, people have had a hard time believing that this is the future of cryptocurrency. Due to it’s no ICO, no pre-coin feature, many find it difficult to believe that it can actually be an effective cryptocurrency. However, as some have slowly started using it, they are gradually realizing the fact that Quantis is indeed a revolutionary product in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Quantis is planning on doing a lot of things in the future. They are developing many applications and tools that can further enhance their privacy offerings. QHidden file technology is a tool for privacy that features cryptography encryption and steganography. The QuantisNet application is another revolutionary product being designed by Quantis. It is a mobile application that will host private communications and will also provide features like personal chat box and group chat boxes. Users will also be able to share files with this mobile application.

There are also plans to add settings for profile wallet integration, group wallets with various signatures, and integration of bitcoin wallet through electrum. Some futuristic products also include an android adventure game with advertising and crypto-properties and a Pastebin clone.

Quantis Network believes that privacy is the key to customer satisfaction, Their developers strive day by day to offer you the best decentralized and privacy-oriented cryptocurrency services.

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