Rumour: A New Mario Sports Game is Coming in The First Half of 2021

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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A Resetera Insider has tipped off a new Mario Sports game is being developed by Camelot Studios and will come out in the first half of 2021 on Nintendo Switch. Although the leaker isn’t quite sure about what sport it is, gold is a safe assumption according to Zippo.

Zippo leaks a new Mario Sports title

Zippo, the source of the leak, has had some big hits with his leaks but also lost a lot of others. So take this leaked information with an equal chance of a hit or a miss. One of his biggest hit was leaking the Animal Crossing direct dates before it was officially announced, so it’s safe to assume that Zippo has some or the other credible source at Nintendo.

So far, there has been a limited selection of Mario sports game on Nintendo Switch. The latest instalment in the series was Mario Tennis Aces, released back in 2018. While there isn’t a set or predictable release pattern of Mario Sports games, a golf game is a long adieu and 2021 seems like the perfect time to release it.

Furthermore, he also tipped off the fact that a Golden Sun game is being developed, but there is no news of its release or even announcement. It’s not even clear that if the rumoured Golden Sun title is a remake, sequel or spin-off of the original 2001 title. However, knowing the fact that the Golden Sun IP is not dead rekindles the hope fading hope in my hearty.

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