Galaxy S23 Base Model Expected to Feature Slower UFS 3.1 Storage

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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On February 1, 2023, Samsung is expected to make the Galaxy S23 series announcement during its first live Unpacked event in three years. According to leaks, the Korean giant’s 2023 flagship phones will reportedly include quicker UFS 4.0 NAND storage. The entry-level Galaxy S23, however, could be an exception to this rule as it uses a slower and older storage solution than others models in the lineup.

The 128GB Galaxy S23 edition, according to leaker @UniverseIce, will employ a UFS 3.1 processor, while those of 256GB and upwards will move to the more modern approach. SamMobile claims that this essentially amounts to Samsung eliminating that tier from their UFS 4.0 chip manufacturing plan; the company publicly admits it can make such flash drives up to 1TB in capacity but doesn’t mention further capacities.

The most recent NAND storage standard allows for read rates of up to 4,200 MB/s and write speeds of up to 2,800 MB/s, which are both twice as fast as what UFS 3.1 allows for. The system performance should noticeably improve under high load as a result. Despite the enormous speed increase, UFS 4.0 is said to be 46% more energy-efficient than its predecessor. There is a 1TB option available here, compared to Samsung’s UFS 3.1 production’s maximum capacity of 512GB.

If you want to purchase the entry-level Galaxy S23, you may want to think about pre-ordering the device to get the 256GB model at no additional cost as Samsung is believed to give a free storage upgrade for the Galaxy S23 series as a pre-order incentive in the majority of territories. This would guarantee that you get both more and quicker storage. Additionally, you may reserve the Galaxy S23 right now and get $50 in Samsung store credit toward another purchase.

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