Samsung Expected to Switch to “Titanium” For Galaxy S24 Ultra

Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair
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Samsung may change the construction build for its premium flagship, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, in the first quarter of 2024. This version is believed to switch to titanium and have more enhancements than the less priced variants, according to a smart teaser given by a source.

Ice Universe tweets a teaser using the periodic table and the number 22. Calculating that number allowed us to get at the element titanium, and based on a response to a forum participant, it is probable that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will only be available with a new chassis.

For years, phone makers have only used stainless steel or aluminum for their most expensive models, but a move toward titanium is starting to catch on.

The source did not address whether using titanium for the Galaxy S24 Ultra would cause Samsung to increase the price of its flagship the next year, but it is probable that the firm would consider all options before making a decision.

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